Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Sanaullah:  hiiiiiii
Me:  hello
Sanaullah:  how r u
Sanaullah:  ?
Me:  I am good. Thanks for asking .
Me:  how are you
Sanaullah:  i am fine thanks
Sanaullah:  can we skype
Sanaullah:  ?
Me:  Why?
Sanaullah:  its better to chat cam 2 cam
Sanaullah:  and we can smoke a ciggarate together
Me:  No, not with random people that has not been vetted.
Me:  It is not better for me
Sanaullah:  if u dont chat cam 2 cam i will always remain a stranger for u
Me:  I have no reason to need random people watch me smoke
Me:  This is not chat roulette
Me:  A cam does not vet you
Me:  Anyway....
Me:  what is the point of contacting my desk this afternoon?
Sanaullah:  its not watchin some one smoking its like smoking together
Me:  No, it is not like smoking together
Me:  Again.....
Me:  this is not chat roulette
Sanaullah:  then what is chat roulette
Me:  I think you would be beter suited if you went to chat roulette
Me:  google it
Me:  it is for people of your sorts
Sanaullah:  banned in ksa
Me:  That is too bad.
Me:  Then light heads end up here
Sanaullah:  no i am not the one
Me:  they should make a specail web for your sorts over there
Sanaullah:  what do u mean your sorts
Me:  again what is the point of this contact?
Me:  to know me?
Me:  Well read my profile
Me:  my site has more than enough information on it to provide you with a solid concept of whom I am.
Me:  At that time you can utilize the various points of contact provided.
Me:  other than that,,,,
Me:  I think you are out of your water here.
Me:  at least with me you are
Me:  Very poor quality profile BTW
Sanaullah:  i am a patient listner
Me:  you have
Sanaullah:  i just write the truth
Sanaullah:  i am not cheating anyone
Me:  I did not say you were
Me:  My audience is a patient listener. Please join them . They will be glad to show you about
Sanaullah:  u know u are a pain in the ass
Me:  That is not the way to win my favor
Sanaullah:  now i understood why u are still searching for a partner at this age
Me:  No one cares for your understanding
Me:  it has little value here.
Me:  I believe we are finished here.
Me:  Have a good day.
Me:  Peace be with you.
Me:  Goodbye and Gute sped

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