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Sunday, August 9, 2015


Al-Shabaz:  can i marry you only to get a greencard?is it possible?help a brother who is in need you will be rewarded as a good deed.
Me:  Thanks, I do not need a green card
Al-Shabaz:  not you needing a green card,i ment me i need a green card
Al-Shabaz:  let us marry
Me:  Thanks, but no.
Al-Shabaz:  please
Al-Shabaz:  i am begging you
Al-Shabaz:  on my knees
Me:  I think saying please would be enticement.
Al-Shabaz:  have mercy atleast
Me:  Technically, you are only supposed to present something that one would normally do.
Me:  IE if a person is prone to an action.
Al-Shabaz:  oke let me try to present now
Al-Shabaz:  i am in love with you
Al-Shabaz:  can we get married?
Al-Shabaz:  will you be my beloved wife
Me:  Such as, a dope dealer already dealing.
Al-Shabaz:  so are you in or out?
Me:  That would be an ethical sting.
Me:  However, going out and seeking people that are not in thier normal lives doing such is actually causing people to considering things they would not normally do in the normal natural life.
Me:  That is called entrapment
Al-Shabaz:  God is with you and was a joke
Al-Shabaz:  dont take me seriously
Me:  Did you think you would be a romance scammer when you signed on to your contractor gig?
Al-Shabaz:  i dnt need a green or red or yellow colour
Al-Shabaz:  why are you so mad now?
Me:  i am not mad at all
Me:  You are simply a subject matter now
Al-Shabaz:  cant you take a joke
Al-Shabaz:  think about it please
Al-Shabaz:  which guy
Al-Shabaz:  will ask
Al-Shabaz:  a woman
Al-Shabaz:  staright forward about marry her
Al-Shabaz:  only for greencard
Me:  More than likely, from my research and intel you are based in India.
Al-Shabaz:  no you are wrong
Al-Shabaz:  try again
Me:  And therefore more than likely a Hindu, portraying as a Muslim
Al-Shabaz:  i am not hindu
Me:  fresh with your contract job.
Al-Shabaz:  i am a muslim hamdullilah
Al-Shabaz:  i was jocking
Al-Shabaz:  if you take everything seriously its your problem
Al-Shabaz:  not mine
Al-Shabaz:  so i am not a hindu
Me:  It would be the logical thing to do, outsource the contractors.
Al-Shabaz:  whatever
Al-Shabaz:  why you offenede by that
Al-Shabaz:  offended
Me:  Instead of having persons learning their wings while enjoying luxury places.
Al-Shabaz:  you are so sensitive
Al-Shabaz:  you shouldnt be that way
Me:  It would make more money to have some hotbox from India rank target areas and people
Al-Shabaz:  do u hate indians?
Me:  Thyen hand it off , if need be.
Me:  Not at all
Al-Shabaz:  have you had a bad experience with indian
Al-Shabaz:  thats why you keep saying indians
Al-Shabaz:  so what make you bring indians on our topic
Al-Shabaz:  unless you dislike them
Al-Shabaz:  i am not indian neither pakistan
Me:  I just know that though conditions have inproved that they are still substandard in call data centers and are ripe for exploitation.
Al-Shabaz:  stop pointing fingers on indian
Al-Shabaz:  oke good if you know that
Me:  lol.. Ohh yes, this is touchy. As we both know India had intel services long before the NSA got to be so pro
Me:  I recently did a white paper on that subject
Al-Shabaz:  i hope you fall in love with indian
Al-Shabaz:  i will pray for you
Al-Shabaz:  and hve kids with him
Al-Shabaz:  so next time you wont be able to talk about indian that way
Me:  What way?
Al-Shabaz:  indian this indian that
Me:  Do you think India has no intel services
Al-Shabaz:  just like you describe them
Al-Shabaz:  how will i know that
Al-Shabaz:  i dnt know any indian
Me:  Oh I c
Al-Shabaz:  yes you see now
Me:  Oh I guess you are going to say you are a white haired angle next
Me:  angel*
Me:  or better yet, a fire breathing russian
Al-Shabaz:  wait let me look at my mirror to see if i have white haired angel
Al-Shabaz:  sorry i dnt see that eaither
Al-Shabaz:  i dnt blame you maybe you are in a bad mood today
Al-Shabaz:  indian first,next white haired angel,third russina and what will be next?
Al-Shabaz:  you are perfect
Al-Shabaz:  woman
Me:  German Royal?
Al-Shabaz:  everyone has an error
Al-Shabaz:  whatever you call it even american royal
Al-Shabaz:  as well
Me:  So you are American?
Al-Shabaz:  neither american
Al-Shabaz:  Lol
Al-Shabaz:  you wont know exaclly who i am
Al-Shabaz:  no need to tell you
Me:  As long as you are not a Sony flatfoot.
Al-Shabaz:  you wont gain nothing from me telling you who i m
Me:  I hunt and feed to my dogs Sony Flatfoots
Al-Shabaz:  i am just jumanbeing like you
Me:  Prehaps
Me:  I doubt you are an AI
Al-Shabaz:  have a nice day mrs or miss
Al-Shabaz:  take care
Me:  Aww, the AI statemnt scared you
Al-Shabaz:  you are just wasting your time.i think you are lonely
Al-Shabaz:  you need my attention
Al-Shabaz:  you wont get that
Al-Shabaz:  bye sweetheart
Me:  I was not the one popping in saying marry me
Al-Shabaz:  i think it should be the other way around
Me:  ?
Al-Shabaz:  hope you find your husaband
Al-Shabaz:  dnt lose hope baby girl
Al-Shabaz:  and he might be indian hhhhhhh
Me:  Uff.
Me:  I smeel a sony
Al-Shabaz:  mybe its your dog who smeel
Me:  yep, he does. Had a nose like a blodhound
Me:  Other as race. that means you are confused.
Me:  anyway take your romance scamming down the road
Me:  I think I here anonops calling you
Al-Shabaz:  are you using drugs?
Me:  That is all and all you ever will be about
Al-Shabaz:  are you on medication?
Me:  Same old shit
Me:  Sorry, you cannot abuse me
Me:  I have no interest in golden wheel chairs
Al-Shabaz:  you should really see a pyschiatry
Al-Shabaz:  thats my advice to you
Me:  That is always your trump card
Me:  And it does not work
Me:  Oh don't scare off, there is no way for me to trace you
Me:  Be bold.
Me:  Sparkle even
Al-Shabaz:  Be fat
Me:  Fat as opposed to a coke head
Me:  Drop another rock Gump, you might get up to my par on a bad day
Me:  While you dropping rocks maybe you can make some more abandoned children
Me:  Maybe you can find a dupe to sell you a kiddo this week
Al-Shabaz:  stop using drugs please
Al-Shabaz:  see how it affect you
Me:  Stop exploiting.
Al-Shabaz:  stop complaining
Al-Shabaz:  stop barking
Me:  but you cannot because you are a psychopath
Al-Shabaz:  ok whatever
Me:  you have no love, care, or concern in your heart.
Al-Shabaz:  oke you have them both
Al-Shabaz:  i am happy for you
Al-Shabaz:  so be quiet now
Me:  you are stunted in emotional health.
Al-Shabaz:  ok so silent please now
Me:  To you everyone and everything is just objects.
Al-Shabaz:  are you on your period today?
Al-Shabaz:  omg
Me:  You will never know what it is too love
Al-Shabaz:   oke and you will never know to have someone in your life
Al-Shabaz:  you will remain alone with your dog forever
Al-Shabaz:  why dnt you marry your dog?
Me:  even chips you steal from and then abandon.
Me:  chimps*
Me:  pop like the bubbles you make, then you thrown them away
Al-Shabaz:  you make now saying all this too you while i dnt want to hurt your feelings
Al-Shabaz:  i am done with you
Al-Shabaz:  and my apologizes
Me:  You cannot do anything but hurt
Al-Shabaz:  to everything i said to you
Al-Shabaz:  take care be happy
Al-Shabaz:  smile
Al-Shabaz:  and God bless you
Al-Shabaz:  bye for now
Me:  sony make.believe
Me:  Nothing more
Me:  Nothing real
Me:  Nothing of depth
Me:  brass and glass
Me:  all fake
Me:  all lies
Me:  When are you gonna die already
Me:  ffs
Me:  you gotta be getting long in the tooth.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015



"Roberto" showed an interest. Besides the name, notice that he claims to be an migrant worker from Qatar. This would be of interest to anyone that was an activist. Making contact with such persons could give valuable insight to the abuses migrant workers of Qatar suffer.
However, Intell contractors making contact with persons that are activists would also be a possibility.

Notice the similarities of the HBGary and the logo behind "Roberto" TEEX

"Hbgary logo" by Sponsors of the Focus Conference according to McAfee. Retrieved on February 17, 2009.. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikipedia.