Monday, August 22, 2016


Cathy Foster:
Nursing at Private Caregiver
Lives in Selma, Oregon
Cathy- I have placed you on a time out from Cave Junction site. When you are let back in on a couple days, I suggest you read our rules in the pinned post, I will not hesitate to kick you out and block you next time. You may not attack people, insinuate they are in a gang, question people's personal details or speculate on their private business. Get it?

You accepted Cathy's request.
Me- Would you like the text book example from the university level criminology classes concerning gang sysbols?
I did not chose her picture and she is not a mennenonite. She knew what they are

Cathy- I don't give a fuck. This is my group, if you want to be in it, you follow the rules. If not, make your own group.

Cathy- You choose to make this conversation public. I am now not willing to let you back in my group. You are being blocked from rejoining.
Me- Back channel is back channel
Don't confuse back channel with public.
Publishing a paper is not the same as discussing your behavior with a person.
Your friend has openly posted gang symbols on her profile.
If she does not want to accuont for them she should not post them
Chat Conversation End
Seen 1:37pm

Wendy A Williams


I am not going to explain to you any further that my friend and I were happy enjoying the day I was goofy and used an upside down V because I didn't realize it was upside at the time. She was doing 3 fingers for W meaning Wendy
you see, I am not against legitimate recreational vice trade.
I have written for l>E.A.P

Read what I just wrote because now I am done I can't explain it any further to you that you took it way too far

Me-I also have managed ventures on Bourbon street.
I know what a good vice trade it

Wendy- What are you doing?  If you want back in the group talk to CAthy
She will explain the rules to you
read them
respect them and move on
Don't make me block you. I do have a life and have been patient with this conversation but you are pushing for no good reason

Me- I am a criminologist. I find your discourse more interesting than the need to shelter cave junction. I know my standing in that community. I knew it from the momment the naked hipy was bangging on my rig declaring thier devout love for me and my safety.

Wendy- If you wanted to have a reasonable conversation together than invite me for coffee don't assume that it is okay to keep messaging me stuff without even asking if I would like to have the conversation
Surprisingly enough I don't have a lot of life left but what I do have left is mine and you are taking up what physical energy I have in the day.
Perhaps I need to be more like our main admin.

Me- I have already survived hospice. Maybe, you will too.
So, though hate that you are dying , it is God's choice.

Wendy- Maybe I will I have a lot of love in my life
Me- Well, you can pretend or you can be real.


Pat Rorden

10/25/2015 7:13PM
Me- It maybe different in the morning, but I might seriously need help getting back to civilization

once I lose eletric I will not have the computer any more
Please call and check on me tomorrow
10/26/2015 2:09PM

Pat- what is going on today for you?
10/26/2015 7:35PM
Me- I got down the mountain. She never showed up. I got some of my mail. waiting and working on the others. the police said she is a known issue, but no one has has been willing to go to court.
She is still not answering phone. I think she is gonna try to weasel.
I am tired and dirty. and angry.
10/27/2015 8:31AM

Pat- glad you are OK. what a pitiful excuse for human she is...
10/27/2015 10:29AM
Me- Thanks. She has done this to others according to the police and those that know her. She apparently preys on the brink of homelessness vets and disabled, usually.
I am the first one willing to take it to court, criminal or otherwise, it will only be two misdemeanor charges that I wrote my report around. Maybe, the police will have more.

Me- Did you "vote" to remove me from the CaveJunction group? Wendy said you did.
It would not bother me, but I would like to know if she is being truthful...

Pat- yes I did vote to remove you. You are combative about some issues. We have been working diligently to make this a FB page that is respectful and presenting the valley in as positive light as possible. You do not live here and know little about these situations beyond what someone posts. So it seems unnecessary for outsiders to weigh on this issue, especially when the discussion gets angry or goes off the rails . There are other pages for local discussions, we have an "agenda" as described in the pinned post and all the responses from Wendy and the other admins....Please respect these rules.
Me- Your friend  became offended when someone called her out on her publically posted gang symbols.
She knows what they are. If she does not want to account for them she should not post them.

that is such BS. She is the sweetest most rational person UNAFFILIATED with any gang except the people who love dogs gang. SO back off my buddy, please
Me- I saw the "k" and Wendy volunteered the "w" in her photos when giving justification.
Perhaps she is being utilized and a device from less savvory folks.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Lester Lee

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Cotonou, Littoral, Benin
is a country in West Africa. It is bordered by Togo to the west, Nigeria to the east, 

Cotonou (French pronunciation: ​[kɔtɔˈnu]), formerly Kutonu,[2] is the largest city and economic centre of Benin.

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Home Depot
Westbrook and Central Sr. High

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