Friday, March 14, 2014


Me:  I am begining to doubt your Phd
Mohamed:  why ?
Me:  Are you sure that does not stand for post hole digger and not a doctorate ?
Mohamed:  you already think you are smarter than me
Me:  I could be, would that be a problem?
Mohamed:  why you say you doubt my Phd ?
Mohamed:  who the heck you think you are
Me:  I am Julia Clark aka Oolith aka Blaze
Me:  And whom might you be?
Mohamed:  do not belittle me lady
Me:  Now why would you feel my name as a belittlement?
Mohamed:  you said i do not have a phd why ?
Mohamed:  i do not like you
Mohamed:  bye
Me:  What did you do your thesis on ?
Me:  Well, aren't you just the huffy one.
Me:  Being huffy is not a very handsome feature.

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