Friday, June 17, 2016

Victor C Forsythe

Chat Conversation Start

9 mutual friends including Julia TenEyck and Aaron Nelson
Owner at Grateful Dead Hemp Casket Company
Lives in Denver, Colorado
APR 18TH, 1:36PM
Hi, I like to chat with those requesting a friend request.
Please introduce yourself and from what network you are hailing.
APR 24TH, 5:47PM
I can see you reading the messages
APR 25TH, 10:57AM
Kind of creepy that you don't reply.
MAY 1ST, 12:53AM
Ok the first one was cool. Not sure about the second one.
When I like of lover. I think of some rather specific. slightsmile emoticon
They accepted your request.
I did not send you a friend request
Nice try to make me feel unnerved.
However, I would have to give a fuck.

You are way too wierd for me to give a fuck too! Bye now