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Robert (57)
Parsippany, New Jersey, United States
Seeking: Female 45 - 55 living in United States
Subject: Hi
How are you ? Hope everything ok , plz write more about you
February 16, 2014 2:43 PM
Things are well enough. thanks for asking.
I see you are not Muslim, but plan to revert. What brought you to Muslima?
I favorited you because you are in security. I make an effort to reach out to security
professionals because I am one also.
Have you taken a look at my site? It is a bit difficult to navigate at the moment. I had to
sheer it up during an executive protection event and have not set it back yet. But click on
the archives and you will find articles well enough.
I look forward to your insights.
February 16, 2014 3:21 PM
I am a 57 yr old male am here looking for a seeious relationship am not into head games
and do not like to be used i take my relationship very serious i have blue eyes salt and
pepper hair and blue eyes i like walking on the beach and swimming and going to
movies and dinning out
February 16, 2014 3:29 PM
I am a 57 yr old male am here looking for a seeious relationship am not into head games
and do not like to be used i take my relationship very serious i have blue eyes salt and
pepper hair and blue eyes i like walking on the beach and swimming and going to
movies and dinning out my phone number is 973 727 9374
February 16, 2014 3:30 PM
That is nice. You sent it the same letter twice, interesting.
So do tell me your thoughts on the first letter.
February 16, 2014 4:44 PM
So you were a weirdo. Good to know. I'll add you in the data base. Cheerios!
February 16, 2014 11:39 PM
I was resting today to prepare for work. Excuse me.
February 16, 2014 11:48 PM
I apologize. I saw you open the letter, and with the other cut and paste letters, I thought
you were just another weirdo.
February 17, 2014 2:02 AM
My daughter and son in law are helping in my search so they also log in on my behalf
February 17, 2014 3:11 AM
My daughter and son in law are helping in my search so they also log in on my behalf
February 17, 2014 3:11 AM
Write a message to Oolith here
February 17, 2014 3:12 AM
That is against the TOS.
February 17, 2014 3:12 AM
Sorry my phone is acting crazy
February 17, 2014 3:12 AM
Oh well then feel free to stop messaging me.
February 17, 2014 3:13 AM
I asked for their help
February 17, 2014 3:13 AM

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Sunday, February 16, 2014


Sal:  do you mean that what am doing?
Me:  yea,
Me:  your profile is so sparse, that it is impossible to tell if we are a good match.
Sal:  am a social worker
Me:  besides redflags are starting to go up everywhere.
Sal:  oh
Me:  Ah, what kind of socail work?
Sal:  Housing
Me:  before my fall, I worked with mental health ptients. I so spent mor than I made. lol
Sal:  so what is your job now?
Me:  housing. lol I bey AU housing is royally messed up
Me:  bet*
Me:  Are the housing getting bought up by corporations ovr there too?
Me:  it is a very serious problem over here
Me:  They are literally pillaging US citizens assets.
Sal:  am just dealing with people who needs housing services and to keep them away from homelessness
Me:  plus, are knowingly hostile to law enforcement folks.
Me:  Ahh, I have one of my beter friends that is working on Occupy Public lands as part of addressing the homeless in US
Me:  He is doing a great job.
Me:  Very serious issue here in the US
Sal:  something like this but we are with private market too
Me:  the banks has taken most homes and has screwed up the market to where even shacks are outrageously priced.
Me:  I am sorry to hear you are getting rped by the corporations. :(
Sal:  here is much better than US
Sal:  but in US properties much cheaper
Me:  That is vry serious . you need to mke an effort to stop the corporations from bleeding you
Me:  you should do all that it takes to dislodge corporations from your public sector, especially land.
Sal:  is Oolith your real name?
Me:  Has AU gone to privitized jials , yet?
Me:  jails*
Me:  Every name I use if mine and real. Thank you very much. <.<
Me:  is*
Sal:  ok
Sal:  I am going to visit US on June
Me:  Wow, such creepers these nsa contractors that troll muslima lol
Me:  I think they have some of the most lackluster training I have ever seen.
Me:  Oh Are you coming here in June? :)
Me:  Does that men a June wedding. :P
Sal:  wedding?
Sal:  no I want to visit my reletives there and friends too
Me:  You were contacting me about marriage right?
Me:  Hmmm.
Me:  Oh well, have fun
Me:  Sounds like the thing to do.
Me:  brb.
Sal:  if we are going to like each other then why not
Me:  I have to get my dog's dinner cooked. His tummy is upset
Sal:  oh you have a dog ...I love dogs
Sal:  I have one too
Sal:  I tought you dont love them
Sal:  I was worried about this point
Me:  I have not hd many ps that were not working pets.
Me:  He is very large an is the doorbell. lol
Me:  I have got the rice on . I'll need to keep my ye on it till it is done.
Me:  I did have a bird that really had no purpose. lol
Sal:  ok
Me:  His name was tony. Smart as a whip.
Me:  He learned to poo in the garbage can on his own
Me:  He was very snide about strangers though. lol
Me:  What kind of dog do you have?
Me:  ???
Sal:  mini pinscher
Sal:  her name is Bambi
Me:  Oh thos dogs make great doorbells. lol
Sal:  I had germanshipered back there in Baghdad
Me:  Shepards ar too smart
Me:  I had 2 white ones.
Sal:  yes they are I am missing them
Me:  She could climb any fense I had.
Me:  I swore I would never have another one. lol
Sal:  Oolith you did not ask me about photo?
Me:  yep, you are correct.
Sal:  i dont have one in my profile yet
Me:  yep.
Me:  and even if you did that would not be good enough vetting for me
Me:  I doubt seriously you re going to pass a vetting
Me:  but I was having coffee and the chaat is entraining me.
Me:  entertaining*
Sal:  do you have a Viber?
Sal:  the internet phone call?
Me:  I have my own bpx
Me:  I could sell you a viper like product. lol
Sal:  what bpx?
Me:  pbx*
Me:  sorry . lol
Sal:  pbx?
Me:  I do not know what it stands for, It is just what phone trunks and switches have always been called.
Me:  Let me look it up. I might be calling my system by th wrong name.
Me:  I am not formally trained on phone systems, just a few of my friends had significant systems ...
Sal:  do you have a smart phone?
Me:  private branch exchange (PBX)
Sal:  I love to talk to you over the phone
Sal:  so if you have the Viber application it would be great
Me:  I have a CTI IP-PBX :)
Me:  viper so cute... lol
Me:  Do you also have yahoo? larfs
Sal:  yes I have yahoo
Me:  hohohhohohhoohohohohohohoh
Me:  OMG. That made my day!
Me:  I hate that I lost part of this convrssation! This is gtting Joural worthy!
Me:  Clearly you have not done your homework before asking for my hand in marriage. 0.o
Me:  I am soooo hurt.
Me:  you make me cry
Sal:  No you dont have to cry I am so sorry
Me:  So tll me Sal form Iraq in AU. Why do you think we are a good match, deary?
Sal:  dont know yet
Sal:  but we can chat to know each other well
Sal:  then we can tell if we are a good match or not
Sal:  i just googled your address in US
Me:  So what did you think of my edit The Original NSA Whistleblower Looks Back -Executive Summary
Me:  I had not realized how long it had been since my last article. Jan 6th
Sal:  what is your address ?
Me:  I should just publish that Libya articl with no regards. pthhh. I will try to get through one more time , however, out of gd politeness.
Me:  my address? Po box 736 Twin City GA
Me:  It is on the front page of my site deary.
Me:  Jeezzz, you guys need better training.
Sal:  ok Oolith I have to go now
Sal:  nice to chat with you will chat again soon
Me:  Aww, you have to leave so soon. :(
Me:  I so wanted to hear what you thought about my article - War is a racket.
Me:  you make me cry.


khicham:  hello
Me:  hello
khicham:  haw ar you
Me:  Well enough.
Me:  Thanks for asking
khicham:  I lav you
Me:  Secret admirers are over rated
khicham:  not adisted
Me:  What does that mean?
khicham:  yu is kater
Me:  As for a secret admirer, where was my valentines? Hello. The one day of the year you could dote and not seem weird
Me:  Some secret admirer you are. Pthhh
khicham:  what wonnt yu?
Me:  a production team and an assistant for a year.


Mohamed:  hi
Me:  hello
Mohamed:  can we talk @ skype or messenger now?
Mohamed:  if you would like too
Me:  Why?
Me:  No. This is fine
Mohamed:  to see and talk to each other
Me:  i have more than enough media for you to decide.
Me:  I do not have any digitl foot print on you, however.
Mohamed:  ?
Me:  I generally only use skype for media events. Or with people I have vetted well.
Mohamed:  how about me?
Me:  I guess I could put your gmail into G+ and see what you have there
Me:  When I google you, you had very little to present yourself with
Mohamed:  OK
Mohamed:  we can use gmail
Me:  huh...
Me:  you have no posts.
Me:  No pictures.
Me:  no videos
Mohamed:  I can send u my photos
Me:  How come you do not have ANY history?
Mohamed:  I always work
Mohamed:  study
Me:  Is this your first time on Muslima?
Mohamed:  no
Me:  What's the reason for contacting me? Why not just sign up for the JCO news letter?
Mohamed:  I like your profile
Me:  Thanks, yea, I have put some time and effort into it.
Me:  While here I hve added bits and pieces as time went by.
Mohamed:  do u like mine too?
Me:  Yours is still bare as it was in January
Mohamed:  so?
Me:  But still , why do you not just interct with me through the foundation page/
Mohamed:  I like short straight way
Me:  Then why come here and ask me for contact info?
Mohamed:  so we can make it happen
Me:  You are really not interested or available as a mate.
Mohamed:  why not?
Me:  When there is a wealth of info on my site. Why do all this tomfoolery ?
Me:  It seems bizarre and pointless efforts to spy on me here....
Mohamed:  I do not spy on u
Mohamed:  I talk to u
Me:  Do you think I am going to date you or something?
Mohamed:  I am Muslim
Mohamed:  I do not date
Me:  Someone over seas that has no natural connection to me in the digital world, with little common interest?
Me:  Exactly, I am not going to date. So why contact me through here?
Mohamed:  to marry u
Me:  Well, catch the next plane over and boom there it is
Me:  <.<
Mohamed:  Who knows
Me:  Mohamed, I am not going to get entangled with an internet romance. Thank you though.
Me:  But you would serve me so much better interacting on my site.
Mohamed:  which site?
Me:  If you are trying to gleen intell from me. Just ask for what you need, ither I can or cannot
Me:  But here, it is silly.
Mohamed:  can we be ?
Mohamed:  one family?
Me:  I am not going to become enthralled. I am not like that and that should be well known by now.
Mohamed:  meaning?
Me:  Sure, you can join the group.
Me:  There are all kinds of normalized locations for you to interact with me.
Mohamed:  do u believe in love?
Me:  And maybe if I could get some decent coverage, I would be able to afford to get out infront of the camera more
Me:  I do not believe in love. I feel love.
Mohamed:  what do u think of me?
Me:  Love grows from care and concern.
Mohamed:  yes
Mohamed:  why can ot we talk face to face?
Mohamed:  instead of typing
Me:  I do not give unplanned interviews.
Me:  I am not Barrett Brown. <.<
Mohamed:  as u like
Me:  Are you all of a sudden going to become someone I know?
Me:  I do not even think you are are the rosters ...
Me:  At the very least be on some roster at the JCO
Me:  right?
Mohamed:  I am simple
Me:  I mean if you were talking to Till Linderman, you would have at least been on a fan site or got a tee-shirt or made some sort of somthing for him, right?
Me:  Lindemann*
Me:  or whatever <.<
Mohamed:  ?
Me:  The lead singer of Rammstein.
Me:  Or Julian Assange.
Mohamed:  do u look for a husband?
Me:  If you were talking to Julian Assange you would at least know his latest article, right?
Me:  or have written an article yourself about him, right?
Me:  I take it you have nothing for me....
Mohamed:  ok
Mohamed:  good luck
Me:  You know, what you do is wrong,,,, you know that correct?
Mohamed:  ?
Me:  Your only goal was to get a video or audio recording of me.
Mohamed:  no
Mohamed:  I really want to marry you
Me:  Well my address is listed.
Me:  See you next week?
Mohamed:  meaning?
Mohamed:  I live in Dubai
Me:  I live in a town of 700 people anyone will be able to bring you to y doorstep
Mohamed:  haha
Me:  You cannot marry me in Dubai
Me:  I am not there. I am here. In Twin City
Mohamed:  why not?
Me:  as listd on my website DNS
Mohamed:  OK
Me:  Don't you feel bad when you lie?
Mohamed:  I do not lie
Me:  Did you think you would grow up a be a romance scammer ? lol
Me:  Hell of a job there, young man
Me:  Don't you think it is just a tad abusive?
Mohamed:  Allah bless us
Me:  God have mercy.
Mohamed:  u really do not know me
Mohamed:  I ask Allah to forgive u
Mohamed:  Al salam Alekium
Me:  you say that, yet asked for marriage?
Me:  What you do is wrong, young man.
Me:  you know this.
Me:  This is an invasion of privacy.
Me:  Would you hav gon all the way to have had online sex with me ?
Me:  How far will you go?
Me:  you must see how such is over reaching.
Mohamed:  I said marriage
Me:  I am fully contactable. I am not being subversive.
Me:  Yet, you were commissioned to engage me where I seek a mate.
Me:  That is abusive.
Me:  Do you know why, I went back online and put up my profile on a marriage site, young man?
Me:  Do you hve that back story?
Mohamed:  why?
Me:  After I had gotten so harassed at yahoo that I closed my profiles as a power user...... I was quiet for a long time. . .
Me:  Then that army shrink nutted up and killd lots of folks at the base. . .
Mohamed:  ?
Me:  One reason he said , was that he could not find a mate. . .
Me:  I thought, you know, if only I had been availed , I could hav spoken to him and changed his outlook.
Me:  I felt vry bad that I had been harassed into a darken cornr.
Me:  When I got here. I made an effort to network with Muslims that were law enforcemnt and mil.
Mohamed:  Allah bless u
Me:  I wanted them to know they are not alone. That many muslims are LEOs and mil.
Me:  That it is OK to walk with your head held high and to be noble.
Me:  Being a first responder is a tough job. and should be a proud job
Me:  all of the mil are having trouble, not just muslim.
Me:  the sucid rate is through the roof.
Me:  and it is because corrupt corporations are dregging society for every dime.
Mohamed:  yes
Me:  not because the nobility of the soldier has changed.
Me:  I am tempted to save and post this, but I do not think I will, at least for a few months or a year.
Me:  but like your little 7 rules say.....
Me:  Don't forget me.
Mohamed:  ok
Mohamed:  sure
Mohamed:  nice talk to u
Mohamed:  good night
Mohamed:  cu
Me:  peace be with you and yours. ~`~


khaled:  hi
Me:  hello
khaled:  how are u
Me:  Eh. Good I suppose
khaled:  why
khaled:  lol
khaled:  i back to u
khaled:  hhh
khaled:  u remember me ?
Me:  Well enough sort of.
khaled:  lol
Me:  You must be in the favorits list for a reason
khaled:  u add me befor yes
khaled:  after we had big conversation
khaled:  between us
khaled:  its was hard
khaled:  sorry if hurt u
khaled:  befor
khaled:  iam sorry sister
khaled:  for all
Me:  Accepted. God have mercy on all.
khaled:  el hamdo lillah
khaled:  thank u very much my sister
Me:  Funny you mention that, I was just respondng to a letter of an officer fro when I was a young person who appologized much for something I do not recall
khaled:  its ok
khaled:  sister
khaled:  iam younger than u
khaled:  should me ask
khaled:  sorry
khaled:  life nothing my sister
khaled:  we leave this life soon
khaled:  only our deed rest
Me:  Nothing stands out abut you.
Me:  Tha is sad that I encounter so much unwholesomeness that I do not recall people that return to appologize
Me:  That officr felt great remorse for whatever he did to me.
Me:  I would like to know.
Me:  And you, whatever you have done.
Me:  I do not recall the act or you, other than you are in my notes.
khaled:  i was not polit
khaled:  with u
khaled:  text u
khaled:  hard
khaled:  whn i tried know u
khaled:  u were strect
khaled:  after i came crazy
khaled:  lol
khaled:  u can chek emails
Me:  lol
khaled:  old emails
khaled:  u read
khaled:  lol
Me:  There are a lot of Khaleds
khaled:  hhhh
khaled:  iam ahmed
khaled:  rom new zealand
khaled:  the algerian
Me:  The only one I recall was an odd one that was from qutar.
khaled:  who lives in new zealand
Me:  ahhh ahmed
khaled:  u remember me
khaled:  hhhhhh
khaled:  yes
khaled:  iam shy now
khaled:  sorry sister
khaled:  so so sorry
Me:  you are fogiven , I was noticing that there is a trend with then name ahmed
khaled:  lol
khaled:  thank u sister
khaled:  i was angry
khaled:  iam alone
khaled:  divorced since 2 months
Me:  Oh so you were that odd one from qutar
khaled:  she cheated on me
khaled:  with boyfriend
khaled:  no
khaled:  iam the Algerian
khaled:  who lives in new zealand
khaled:  never been in qatar
khaled:  only one time
khaled:  transit
khaled:  few years ago
Me:  Very well, still you correctd your ways , God willing
Me:  Therefore , you have little to worry of other than God's mercy.
Me:  :)
Me:  my ears are hurting very much. I must rest now.
Me:  Good night
khaled:  thanks sis
khaled:  have a good night
khaled:  salam


This one will be enjoyable for those familiar  with complex research:
This is not for the light reader. 

Ahmed, seems to be a name that is popping up quite  bit.

Here is the original profile

Here is the original email correspondence

Nothing really super unusual other than when he wrote he misspelled a word. Note his profile changed between the time I printed it and the time of my pointing out it was well written.

Next he sent me his number. I did a quick google search for it and it came back listed as the number for Royal Ice Cream. Which was odd.
The address went to a house, another oddity.
The business had no records.
It was created in  Sept 2013

The house is owned by Sims Oil.
It has never been sold. Sims Oil was incorporated in 1967.
The house was built in 1971.

Sims Oil also has Sims Properties.

This is a map to the properties in Gwinnett County

Here is the file that has the site and PDF copies of the site

The physical address is not the same address that is listed on the the incorporations data.
175 W Oak Street
LawrencevilleGA 30046 
Phone: (770) 963-5702

However the hone numbers are the same.

I pick up the phone and call the number he gave and that is listed as Royal Ice Cream

He voice did not match the body weight nor neck dimension in the photo.
Which a sample can be heard here:
wav file 

Googling "
 PO BOX 345 LAWRENCEVILLE GA 30046-0345 ahmed

Gives this :
9, 00208267, JAYS INCORPORATED, P O BOX 614, ELLIJAY, GA, 30540, 5, GA ......562242, AHMED GARARE, ROYAL TRUCKING, (404)388-0031, PO BOX 106 ......(770)962-6239, PO BOX 345LAWRENCEVILLEGA30046-0345, 5, GA.

Noting there is an Ahmed with a company that has Royal in the name

With a further search this data was found:

Entity Type:Carrier  
Operating Status:AUTHORIZED FOR PropertyOut of Service Date:None
Physical Address:623 KENRIDGE CIRCLE
Phone:(404) 388-0031 
Mailing Address:PO BOX 106
CLARKSTON, GA   30021  
USDOT Number:1422248 State Carrier ID Number: 
MC/MX/FF Number(s):MC-562242
DUNS Number:-- 
Power Units:Drivers:
MCS-150 Form Date:09/12/2013 MCS-150 Mileage (Year):42,401 (2012) 
Operation Classification:

That is 30 mins away
With a search of the number leads to:

Arena Indoor Soccer

4528 Stonegate Industrial Blvd
Stone MountainGA 30083
(404) 388-0031
I think that will surface. For now.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Ahmad (32)
Ḥawallī, Hawali, Kuwait
Seeking: Female 23 - 37 living in New York, United States

-Subject: hi
Nice picture
-February 13, 2014 3:06 AM

Thank you.
-February 13, 2014 3:13 AM

You wellcom
-February 13, 2014 5:33 PM

How are you
-February 13, 2014 5:33 PM

I am well thanks.
For short 140 character or less updates. You can us twitter. See you there.
-February 14, 2014 10:19 AM

-February 14, 2014 10:19 AM

Hi i have viber&skype 0096590932050skype ahmadansar462
-February 14, 2014 3:26 PM

Well, if you have those you also have mainstream content like twitter, facebook,
wordpress, blogger, g+ , etc. . .
Neither viper nor skype is able to provide a digital footprint.
-February 14, 2014 3:54 PM

My facebook id ahmadansar46
-February 14, 2014 4:40 PM

Send me facebook id
-February 14, 2014 4:42 PM

You are not presenting yourself very well.
This is what I have found so far:
No results found for ahmadansar462
No results found for ahmadansar46
Sorry, this page isn't available when I put in
Why present a questionable facebook ID and not just the link to your page?
-February 14, 2014 7:01 PM
-February 15, 2014 4:30 AM

Send me you id
-February 15, 2014 4:30 AM

No results found for
Beyond the fact I do not allow ymail in my mail servers.
Did you think you would grow up, join the intel services, and be a romance scammer?
Wow! Such accomplishment!
Being a romance scammer is nothing more than being a corrupt prostitute.
I have more respect for a legit prostitute, than I do a romance scammer.
Your Mom must be so proud! Or does she just see the money and is blinded to the rest of
the BS.
-February 15, 2014 9:42 AM

Send me cell number
-February 15, 2014 12:05 PM

Are you retarded?
-February 15, 2014 1:18 PM

What you mean are you mad
-February 15, 2014 3:38 PM

Fuck off
-February 15, 2014 3:38 PM

Printed: February 15, 2014 4:07 PM