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Cathy Foster:
Nursing at Private Caregiver
Lives in Selma, Oregon
Cathy- I have placed you on a time out from Cave Junction site. When you are let back in on a couple days, I suggest you read our rules in the pinned post, I will not hesitate to kick you out and block you next time. You may not attack people, insinuate they are in a gang, question people's personal details or speculate on their private business. Get it?

You accepted Cathy's request.
Me- Would you like the text book example from the university level criminology classes concerning gang sysbols?
I did not chose her picture and she is not a mennenonite. She knew what they are

Cathy- I don't give a fuck. This is my group, if you want to be in it, you follow the rules. If not, make your own group.

Cathy- You choose to make this conversation public. I am now not willing to let you back in my group. You are being blocked from rejoining.
Me- Back channel is back channel
Don't confuse back channel with public.
Publishing a paper is not the same as discussing your behavior with a person.
Your friend has openly posted gang symbols on her profile.
If she does not want to accuont for them she should not post them
Chat Conversation End
Seen 1:37pm

Wendy A Williams


I am not going to explain to you any further that my friend and I were happy enjoying the day I was goofy and used an upside down V because I didn't realize it was upside at the time. She was doing 3 fingers for W meaning Wendy
you see, I am not against legitimate recreational vice trade.
I have written for l>E.A.P

Read what I just wrote because now I am done I can't explain it any further to you that you took it way too far

Me-I also have managed ventures on Bourbon street.
I know what a good vice trade it

Wendy- What are you doing?  If you want back in the group talk to CAthy
She will explain the rules to you
read them
respect them and move on
Don't make me block you. I do have a life and have been patient with this conversation but you are pushing for no good reason

Me- I am a criminologist. I find your discourse more interesting than the need to shelter cave junction. I know my standing in that community. I knew it from the momment the naked hipy was bangging on my rig declaring thier devout love for me and my safety.

Wendy- If you wanted to have a reasonable conversation together than invite me for coffee don't assume that it is okay to keep messaging me stuff without even asking if I would like to have the conversation
Surprisingly enough I don't have a lot of life left but what I do have left is mine and you are taking up what physical energy I have in the day.
Perhaps I need to be more like our main admin.

Me- I have already survived hospice. Maybe, you will too.
So, though hate that you are dying , it is God's choice.

Wendy- Maybe I will I have a lot of love in my life
Me- Well, you can pretend or you can be real.


Pat Rorden

10/25/2015 7:13PM
Me- It maybe different in the morning, but I might seriously need help getting back to civilization

once I lose eletric I will not have the computer any more
Please call and check on me tomorrow
10/26/2015 2:09PM

Pat- what is going on today for you?
10/26/2015 7:35PM
Me- I got down the mountain. She never showed up. I got some of my mail. waiting and working on the others. the police said she is a known issue, but no one has has been willing to go to court.
She is still not answering phone. I think she is gonna try to weasel.
I am tired and dirty. and angry.
10/27/2015 8:31AM

Pat- glad you are OK. what a pitiful excuse for human she is...
10/27/2015 10:29AM
Me- Thanks. She has done this to others according to the police and those that know her. She apparently preys on the brink of homelessness vets and disabled, usually.
I am the first one willing to take it to court, criminal or otherwise, it will only be two misdemeanor charges that I wrote my report around. Maybe, the police will have more.

Me- Did you "vote" to remove me from the CaveJunction group? Wendy said you did.
It would not bother me, but I would like to know if she is being truthful...

Pat- yes I did vote to remove you. You are combative about some issues. We have been working diligently to make this a FB page that is respectful and presenting the valley in as positive light as possible. You do not live here and know little about these situations beyond what someone posts. So it seems unnecessary for outsiders to weigh on this issue, especially when the discussion gets angry or goes off the rails . There are other pages for local discussions, we have an "agenda" as described in the pinned post and all the responses from Wendy and the other admins....Please respect these rules.
Me- Your friend  became offended when someone called her out on her publically posted gang symbols.
She knows what they are. If she does not want to account for them she should not post them.

that is such BS. She is the sweetest most rational person UNAFFILIATED with any gang except the people who love dogs gang. SO back off my buddy, please
Me- I saw the "k" and Wendy volunteered the "w" in her photos when giving justification.
Perhaps she is being utilized and a device from less savvory folks.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Lester Lee

Starting oldest to newest photos:

--- 1

--- 2
Ryan Harvard

--- 3


Cotonou, Littoral, Benin
is a country in West Africa. It is bordered by Togo to the west, Nigeria to the east, 

Cotonou (French pronunciation: ​[kɔtɔˈnu]), formerly Kutonu,[2] is the largest city and economic centre of Benin.

Work & Education
Home Depot
Westbrook and Central Sr. High

 --- 4
No data

--- 5 
No Data

--- 6
No data

--- 7
No data
--- 8
No data
--- 9 
No Data
--- 10
See #3
--- 11
No Data
--- 12
See #3
--- 13


Friday, June 17, 2016

Victor C Forsythe

Chat Conversation Start

9 mutual friends including Julia TenEyck and Aaron Nelson
Owner at Grateful Dead Hemp Casket Company
Lives in Denver, Colorado
APR 18TH, 1:36PM
Hi, I like to chat with those requesting a friend request.
Please introduce yourself and from what network you are hailing.
APR 24TH, 5:47PM
I can see you reading the messages
APR 25TH, 10:57AM
Kind of creepy that you don't reply.
MAY 1ST, 12:53AM
Ok the first one was cool. Not sure about the second one.
When I like of lover. I think of some rather specific. slightsmile emoticon
They accepted your request.
I did not send you a friend request
Nice try to make me feel unnerved.
However, I would have to give a fuck.

You are way too wierd for me to give a fuck too! Bye now

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

We received an email from Terrence Wilder,

It stated: 
Hi, julia
Your balance and recent transaction history is attached to this mail. Please verify it
Terrence Wilder
It also had a zip file attached. (~14 KB)
We do not know this person, nor this company.

The website had a contact number. 505.471.2820
This number gave 5 results.
One goes to the page itself, One goes to an agitator, the other three goes to this site
But does not give a direct link to the article with the phone number.
This is what the snippet reads:
I need some assistance in getting rid of some spyware that insists on changing the home page to I have tried everything I know of to get rid of this and it persists. Has anyone run into this? -- Paul McQuaid Consultant Wired Nation, Inc. tel 505.471.2820 fax 866.260.0795 "Joe Bagadonuts" <> wrote in news:cemuki$eb1$ > I need some assistance in getting rid of some spyware that insists on > changing the home page to I have tried everything I > know of to get rid of this a... is registered on godaddy
which leads to Registrant Name: Registration Private
Registrant Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC

Paul McQuaid About 414,000 results in quotes; About 5,200 results; w/ lead to
$200 Robot 910. Wired Nation Bot #1. Parent led team. Santa Fe. Paul McQuaid & Josh Dennis.
Google search of Paul McQuaid & Josh Dennis led to

Google of Josh Dennis led to
Caroline and Joshua Dennis, owners of Wired Nation, Inc. were among the winners of the 2010 New Mexico Business Weekly’s Small Business Heavyweight Awards. The recipients were selected based on the uniqueness of their product or service offering, their staying power in business and their contribution to their community. A small woman-owned company based in Santa Fe, Wired Nation is a network management and information security firm that provides IT audit & industry compliance services, penetration testing and IT best practice consulting to a variety of industries nationwide.
A Certified Ethical Hacker and IT security auditor, Joshua Dennis and his team also help companies respond to critical data loss, credit card theft and compliance with industry regulations like the Payment Card Industry DSS (PCI DSS). Although many small businesses are unaware of the PCI DSS, it requires any company that accepts credit cards to take specific measures to ensure that they properly secure credit card data. If a breach occurs, fines can be steep and deadlines to remediate swift.
“In the end good security is good for business”, says Dennis, “because it minimizes downtime and lets your customers and vendors know you take security seriously.” Wired Nation president Caroline Dennis is a board member of the New Mexico Technology Council, active in many technology organizations, and is working on a statewide level to improve STEM education. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.
Wired Nation, Inc. celebrates its 15th year in business and has consistently been recognized for business leadership and expertise in the industry. For more information contact Caroline Dennis 505-471-2820 or visit

Google Caroline Dennis
Wired Nation, Inc.
1997 – December 2012 (15 years)Santa Fe, New Mexico Area
Wired Nation was an award-winning Managed Service Provider (MSP) and computer security professional services company providing a full spectrum of IT networking, information security and consulting services in the Southwest.

Caroline played a leadership role in strategic planning, building technical teams, managing vendors, managing customer trouble ticketing, staff augmentation and project management. She understands the process of assessing business models and revenue opportunities for technology companies. She has a keen eye for uncovering potential business alliance strategies that leverage revenue potential for all involved. Wired Nation was consistently recognized in the state for exceptional customer support and leadership. 

In December of 2012, Caroline and Josh sold the company to a larger IT security and consulting firm.

Note: I am ignoring the actress that came up in the search!/new_faces
Though the faces are similar. 

From LinkedIn:

Chief Security & Operating Officer

Wired Nation, Inc.
 –  (17 years 7 months)
Built an award-winning information security and IT management firm over 17 years. Sold it at the end of 2012. Implemented network operations center to support managed services and security practice. Responsible for developing and implementing projects and deliverables, including vulnerability assessments, VPNs, firewalls of various flavors, encryption, penetration testing, and intrusion detection and response for over 700 clients and thousands of computer systems.
(Open)2 projects
  • PCI Breach Remediation
    Ran an investigation for a company where information on 25,000 credit card holders had been stolen. Created forensic copies...View
  • Breach Remediation
    Stabilized and remediated a breach in a company where 200 computers were infected, tracked breach to its root cause, and...View
(Open)4 honors and awards
  • Titans of IT Honoree
  • Small Business Heavyweight
  • Business Excellence Award
  • Excellence Award for Achievement in Industry Leadership


Wired Nation Inc.
 –  (6 months)Santa Fe, NM
* Provided technical consultation to active and prospective clients.
* Set up and administered LAN/WAN and wireless-based networks.
* Performed server, PC, laptop, PDA and peripheral device troubleshooting, upgrading and repair.
LinkedIn Member
Partner at Soho Post Office
Greater New York City AreaInformation Technology and Services

LinkedIn Member
Cisco VoIP Engineer at Verizon
Greater Seattle AreaInformation Technology and Services

LinkedIn Member
Customer-Driven Insurance and Financial Services Professional
San Francisco Bay AreaFinancial Services

IT Consultant

Wired Nation, Inc.
 –  (1 year 8 months)Santa Fe, NM
Wired Nation is an IT consulting firm, providing services to small-and medium-size businesses and individuals in Santa Fe and the surrounding area. Clients include hospitality, legal, medical, and non-profit arts programs. Computer Consultant responsibilities included the following:
• Managed $1.3 million network upgrade project for one of firm’s largest clients, a five-star Santa Fe resort and spa. Installed and configured new property management system; installed new servers; supervised new data cabling for historic property spanning multiple buildings; created scope of work; solicited bids from multiple contractors; supervised work from initial walk-through to completion.
• Designed, installed, and supported networks of up to 100 nodes.
• Supported users, both onsite and remotely.
• Created technical documentation, enabling other consultants to step in efficiently, and clients to maximize the use of their systems.

LinkedIn Member
Deskside Support Technician
Santa Fe, New Mexico AreaComputer Networking
LinkedIn Member
Managing Director at Nationwired ElectricsPty Ltd
Melbourne, AustraliaCivil Engineering
Interesting enough the address for Wired Nation from the BBB is 3600 Cerrillos Rd Ste 711, Santa Fe, NM 87507, which comes up on google maps as grappa wireless. which is a place where Caroline Dennis worked. 

About Josh Dennis:
Information security consultant Josh Dennis has built his security toolbox over more than 20 years in the industry and is constantly perfecting the art of staying current in one of the fastest growing professions today.  Josh recently sold his 17-year old IT security consulting practice, Wired Nation, where he was founder and Chief Security & Operating Officer.  He also co-founded, built and sold Grappa Wireless Internet, a wireless WISP where he built infrastructure and managed security.   His breadth of experience stretches beyond his CIO-for-Hire work; he has gotten his hands dirty in IDS, IPS, pen testing, breach management, compliance, ISP network design and security training.

Executive Profile

Joshua Dennis

Chief Technology Officer, WorkingWild Inc.
AgeTotal Calculated CompensationThis person is connected to 0 Board Members in 0 different organizations across 0 different industries.


Mr. Joshua Dennis is the Chief Technology Officer at WorkingWild Inc. Mr. Joshua Dennis is responsible for creating the technological road map for the company. Before joining WorkingWild, Mr. Dennis founded and was president of Wired Nation, Inc., a full-service IT consulting firm in Santa Fe. Mr. Dennis built Wired Nation over the course of seven years into a firm servicing more than 250 clients in northern New Mexico. His main focus was on creating and implementing technical solutions to business problems on time and within budget, helping businesses run more effectively. Prior to founding Wired Nation, Inc., Mr. Dennis was a mechanical engineer for Airflow Research, an automotive engineering firm in Waltham, Massachusetts. As project manager, he was responsible for evaluating competitors' technologies and for bringing Airflow into new markets. Mr. Dennis is a graduate of Boston University with a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering.

Corporate Headquarters

300 Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

United States



Saturday, April 30, 2016

TopKat 2

 [15:53] <Nack> you need to call your sister and apologize.
[15:54] <Topkat> why don't you just piss off?
[15:57] <Nack> Because you have a moral debt.
[15:57] <Topkat> no i don't
[15:58] <Topkat> the faggot you tracked down isn't me, if it was then why wouldn't i be arrested already?
[15:58] <Topkat> why do you have such a hardon for me anyways?
[15:58] <Topkat> like seriously, did you hit your head as a kid? what?
[15:59] <Nack> You were raided over a year ago. And demoted to a desk job because of your "troubles"
[15:59] <Topkat> i've never been raided
[15:59] <Topkat> you know why i have never been raided?
[15:59] <Topkat> because 1: that wasn't me
[16:00] <Topkat> and 2: i don't do anything illegal. i even side with the cops
[16:00] <Topkat> a lot of cops have hard jobs, so unless you're done being a useless fuck here to annoy me, i think it's best you piss off and find some other thing to do
[16:00] <Topkat> let's focus on you for a moment
[16:01] <Topkat> why haven't you gotten yourself a girlfriend?
[16:01] <Nack> You will comply.
[16:01] <Nack> You will play nice.
[16:01] <Topkat> so let me guess, you never even had sex.
[16:02] <Topkat> oh maybe you like to commit murder.
[16:02] <Nack> You will speak nicely about Julia & to Julia
[16:03] <Topkat> well, hate to burst your bubble, but i don't know any julia
[16:03] <Topkat> so, why haven't you gotten yourself a nice gf yet?
[16:05] <Nack> You are attached to your ID TopKat. That is unfortunate for you. However, though this is not as important as meatspace.
[16:05] <Topkat> o.O
[16:05] <Topkat> meatspace?


[02:32] <_8039> wake up
[02:52] <Topkat> why?
[02:54] == Topkat [Topkitteh@aids.of.teh.mind.also.cocks]
[02:54] ==  realname : Topkat
[02:54] ==  server   : AnonOps [AnonOps]
[02:54] ==  account  : Topkat
[02:54] ==  regged   : has a registered nick.
[02:54] ==  info     : is using a secure connection
[02:54] == End of WHOIS
[02:54] == Topkat [Topkitteh@aids.of.teh.mind.also.cocks]
[02:54] ==  realname : Topkat
[02:54] ==  server   : AnonOps [AnonOps]
[02:54] ==  account  : Topkat
[02:54] ==  regged   : has a registered nick.
[02:54] ==  info     : is using a secure connection
[02:54] == End of WHOIS
[02:54] == Topkat [Topkitteh@aids.of.teh.mind.also.cocks]
[02:54] ==  realname : Topkat
[02:54] ==  server   : AnonOps [AnonOps]
[02:54] ==  account  : Topkat
[02:54] ==  regged   : has a registered nick.
[02:54] ==  info     : is using a secure connection
[02:54] == End of WHOIS
[03:00] <_8039> It is your time.
[03:00] <Topkat> -_- why do you bother me?
[03:05] <_8039> You were rude to a person that is my concern.
[03:05] <Topkat> well, concern yourself no longer, i'm going to be rude to you instead
[03:06] <Topkat> because only cunts try to start shit with people who just want to be left alone to work in silence.
[03:06] <_8039> You were not silent.
[03:16] <_8039> bye

Monday, April 18, 2016


Exciting! This was my experience.
I met james.wieck.1 through facebook. He sent me a friend request. I replied with

"Hi James! Thanks for the friend request. Please do introduce yourself. I see you are from Lancaster. I am in Bakersfield right now. I have been invited to a event next week, so I'll be around for a bit before heading back north. ~JC"

That day he also invited me to an event being hosted in Bakersfield. I attended.

I met with james.wieck.1 at a protest. He repeatedly apologized for having forest service equipment. He said he got it at a good deal. The equipment was an old truck. No real redflag.
We shared a lengthy conversation at the protest. He seemed a decent guy. No redflags recalled.
He gave me his card
I had taken some pictures while at the protest to add to my blogs and timelines. An exceptional one of james.wieck.1. I polished it up and noted his information from his card. He was very pleased with the picture. However, he asked me to  delete the term "NRA rep" from the photo because it could get him in trouble with his "leadership."

I removed the NRA reference from the photo.
I thought it strange he would want to hide such information. Being "president" of an NRA chapters at the very least, he should have been used to public relations and being called an "NRA rep". Moreover, you would think he would be proud to be president of a chapter, it seems like that would be an accomplishment.

The keeping secrets is a redflag.

When I mentioned my disappointment of not having pictures of myself he posted a emoji with a frown and a tensed up forehead.
That struck me as odd. I was hoping he would say that he had some. I am pretty certain we had taken a picture together.

Our next exchange was when I purposely misposted This message:

"you know Sally, I have to apologize. I am a bit ill of spirit. I think I am experiencing a bit of shell shock.
I feel such deep remorse. More than 2 score (20+) people are facing felony charged with a life time in prison and one was assassinated. All for a forensic accounting of remote and rural county."

He only asked who Sally was. I responded and he did not engage.

The next exchange was his telling me to not add him to groups. I had added him to a group I am admin of that is 5000+. Again, you would think that public relations would be part and parcel to being President of a NRA chapter.

Four weeks later I am again adding new people from my friend's list to the group and add him again, not noting or recalling his request.
He responds hostility and in a passive aggressive manner.
I repond:
Adjust your settings. That is what they are there for. You should not expect people to micro-manage like that between the two of us we have over a 1000 friends. That sort of micromanaging is cumbersome, and perhaps designed to be cumbersome, I would hope not. However, if you really did want preferential treatment, you should have raised my interest enough to garnered it. You had already asked me to keep secrets according to your note card.

He then responded with cuss words.

I decided then that he had enough redflags for a review.

The following workweek, I research his affiliations.
I pull his card and review it. It has a gmail address instead of an NRA affiliate address. I find this to be odd, if he is a "President" of an NRA chapter.
I call the NRA to see if this is within their bylines for a president. I do not mention his name.

The NRA give me a number to call to verify his standing.
The person that answered that number answered it in a very unprofessional manner.
I was not certain if I had even called the proper number because he did not answer the phone as the NRA council. He also did not "straighten up" after being told this was a call to the council. He was very impolite. At this point he did not know if I was a donor or press. He gruffly demanded to know who I was. I explain I had opened a file and needed information and that I had gotten his number from the NRA proper. When I asked him "Whom am I speaking with" He answered the question with a question. Which is a redflag of buying time, I asked him if he would like for me to call him back. He declined. I had noted that it sounded like he was driving, so I mentioned that I hoped he was not driving, he said he was and to continue. I announce and introduce myself and explain the file that was opened concerning fraud. He replied with a question stating he did not understand and to be more specific. I had been very specific. At that point I took him as a hostile person not interested in the best presentation of the NRA. He gave the feel of someone looking to hide information. That he had no interest in providing information in clearing the name of the council.
I continue for a bit longer repeatedly reminding him that I had come from the NRA proper. There was confusion about his name. He was intent on finding out the names I held. When I told him I would not be providing him with names, but the NRA proper, he became aggressive stating that I needed to deal with him and that if I was not going to deal with him that I, in essence, could bugger off.
I stated that I was suspicious of the series of events. He stated he did not care. That I was going to deal with him. I stated it did not matter if he cared or not that my report would be going forward. And that I would include not caring in that report. He again demanded to know names and then claimed it was "alleged". At this point,  it is an uncooperative conversation. He announced that he is an employee of a "not-for-profit" corporation out of Virginia and then corrected himself and said it was out of New York. . It was then that he finally said that if I had questions he was the person to talk to. B this point I had decided to call back to the NRA to reaffirm that this was indeed the correct number and person.

Though this original file was to research james.wieck.1, the front faceing presentation of the NRA council in California left me to question the intent of the whole NRA council in the state of California.

Twitter account:
Website from the Twitter account:

This disclaimer wrote on a jpg to a tactic to avoid being crawled by the google bot
was most notable and I feel sums up the research. It is in its original size.

His card: