Sunday, February 16, 2014


Sal:  do you mean that what am doing?
Me:  yea,
Me:  your profile is so sparse, that it is impossible to tell if we are a good match.
Sal:  am a social worker
Me:  besides redflags are starting to go up everywhere.
Sal:  oh
Me:  Ah, what kind of socail work?
Sal:  Housing
Me:  before my fall, I worked with mental health ptients. I so spent mor than I made. lol
Sal:  so what is your job now?
Me:  housing. lol I bey AU housing is royally messed up
Me:  bet*
Me:  Are the housing getting bought up by corporations ovr there too?
Me:  it is a very serious problem over here
Me:  They are literally pillaging US citizens assets.
Sal:  am just dealing with people who needs housing services and to keep them away from homelessness
Me:  plus, are knowingly hostile to law enforcement folks.
Me:  Ahh, I have one of my beter friends that is working on Occupy Public lands as part of addressing the homeless in US
Me:  He is doing a great job.
Me:  Very serious issue here in the US
Sal:  something like this but we are with private market too
Me:  the banks has taken most homes and has screwed up the market to where even shacks are outrageously priced.
Me:  I am sorry to hear you are getting rped by the corporations. :(
Sal:  here is much better than US
Sal:  but in US properties much cheaper
Me:  That is vry serious . you need to mke an effort to stop the corporations from bleeding you
Me:  you should do all that it takes to dislodge corporations from your public sector, especially land.
Sal:  is Oolith your real name?
Me:  Has AU gone to privitized jials , yet?
Me:  jails*
Me:  Every name I use if mine and real. Thank you very much. <.<
Me:  is*
Sal:  ok
Sal:  I am going to visit US on June
Me:  Wow, such creepers these nsa contractors that troll muslima lol
Me:  I think they have some of the most lackluster training I have ever seen.
Me:  Oh Are you coming here in June? :)
Me:  Does that men a June wedding. :P
Sal:  wedding?
Sal:  no I want to visit my reletives there and friends too
Me:  You were contacting me about marriage right?
Me:  Hmmm.
Me:  Oh well, have fun
Me:  Sounds like the thing to do.
Me:  brb.
Sal:  if we are going to like each other then why not
Me:  I have to get my dog's dinner cooked. His tummy is upset
Sal:  oh you have a dog ...I love dogs
Sal:  I have one too
Sal:  I tought you dont love them
Sal:  I was worried about this point
Me:  I have not hd many ps that were not working pets.
Me:  He is very large an is the doorbell. lol
Me:  I have got the rice on . I'll need to keep my ye on it till it is done.
Me:  I did have a bird that really had no purpose. lol
Sal:  ok
Me:  His name was tony. Smart as a whip.
Me:  He learned to poo in the garbage can on his own
Me:  He was very snide about strangers though. lol
Me:  What kind of dog do you have?
Me:  ???
Sal:  mini pinscher
Sal:  her name is Bambi
Me:  Oh thos dogs make great doorbells. lol
Sal:  I had germanshipered back there in Baghdad
Me:  Shepards ar too smart
Me:  I had 2 white ones.
Sal:  yes they are I am missing them
Me:  She could climb any fense I had.
Me:  I swore I would never have another one. lol
Sal:  Oolith you did not ask me about photo?
Me:  yep, you are correct.
Sal:  i dont have one in my profile yet
Me:  yep.
Me:  and even if you did that would not be good enough vetting for me
Me:  I doubt seriously you re going to pass a vetting
Me:  but I was having coffee and the chaat is entraining me.
Me:  entertaining*
Sal:  do you have a Viber?
Sal:  the internet phone call?
Me:  I have my own bpx
Me:  I could sell you a viper like product. lol
Sal:  what bpx?
Me:  pbx*
Me:  sorry . lol
Sal:  pbx?
Me:  I do not know what it stands for, It is just what phone trunks and switches have always been called.
Me:  Let me look it up. I might be calling my system by th wrong name.
Me:  I am not formally trained on phone systems, just a few of my friends had significant systems ...
Sal:  do you have a smart phone?
Me:  private branch exchange (PBX)
Sal:  I love to talk to you over the phone
Sal:  so if you have the Viber application it would be great
Me:  I have a CTI IP-PBX :)
Me:  viper so cute... lol
Me:  Do you also have yahoo? larfs
Sal:  yes I have yahoo
Me:  hohohhohohhoohohohohohohoh
Me:  OMG. That made my day!
Me:  I hate that I lost part of this convrssation! This is gtting Joural worthy!
Me:  Clearly you have not done your homework before asking for my hand in marriage. 0.o
Me:  I am soooo hurt.
Me:  you make me cry
Sal:  No you dont have to cry I am so sorry
Me:  So tll me Sal form Iraq in AU. Why do you think we are a good match, deary?
Sal:  dont know yet
Sal:  but we can chat to know each other well
Sal:  then we can tell if we are a good match or not
Sal:  i just googled your address in US
Me:  So what did you think of my edit The Original NSA Whistleblower Looks Back -Executive Summary
Me:  I had not realized how long it had been since my last article. Jan 6th
Sal:  what is your address ?
Me:  I should just publish that Libya articl with no regards. pthhh. I will try to get through one more time , however, out of gd politeness.
Me:  my address? Po box 736 Twin City GA
Me:  It is on the front page of my site deary.
Me:  Jeezzz, you guys need better training.
Sal:  ok Oolith I have to go now
Sal:  nice to chat with you will chat again soon
Me:  Aww, you have to leave so soon. :(
Me:  I so wanted to hear what you thought about my article - War is a racket.
Me:  you make me cry.

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