Sunday, February 16, 2014


Mohamed:  hi
Me:  hello
Mohamed:  can we talk @ skype or messenger now?
Mohamed:  if you would like too
Me:  Why?
Me:  No. This is fine
Mohamed:  to see and talk to each other
Me:  i have more than enough media for you to decide.
Me:  I do not have any digitl foot print on you, however.
Mohamed:  ?
Me:  I generally only use skype for media events. Or with people I have vetted well.
Mohamed:  how about me?
Me:  I guess I could put your gmail into G+ and see what you have there
Me:  When I google you, you had very little to present yourself with
Mohamed:  OK
Mohamed:  we can use gmail
Me:  huh...
Me:  you have no posts.
Me:  No pictures.
Me:  no videos
Mohamed:  I can send u my photos
Me:  How come you do not have ANY history?
Mohamed:  I always work
Mohamed:  study
Me:  Is this your first time on Muslima?
Mohamed:  no
Me:  What's the reason for contacting me? Why not just sign up for the JCO news letter?
Mohamed:  I like your profile
Me:  Thanks, yea, I have put some time and effort into it.
Me:  While here I hve added bits and pieces as time went by.
Mohamed:  do u like mine too?
Me:  Yours is still bare as it was in January
Mohamed:  so?
Me:  But still , why do you not just interct with me through the foundation page/
Mohamed:  I like short straight way
Me:  Then why come here and ask me for contact info?
Mohamed:  so we can make it happen
Me:  You are really not interested or available as a mate.
Mohamed:  why not?
Me:  When there is a wealth of info on my site. Why do all this tomfoolery ?
Me:  It seems bizarre and pointless efforts to spy on me here....
Mohamed:  I do not spy on u
Mohamed:  I talk to u
Me:  Do you think I am going to date you or something?
Mohamed:  I am Muslim
Mohamed:  I do not date
Me:  Someone over seas that has no natural connection to me in the digital world, with little common interest?
Me:  Exactly, I am not going to date. So why contact me through here?
Mohamed:  to marry u
Me:  Well, catch the next plane over and boom there it is
Me:  <.<
Mohamed:  Who knows
Me:  Mohamed, I am not going to get entangled with an internet romance. Thank you though.
Me:  But you would serve me so much better interacting on my site.
Mohamed:  which site?
Me:  If you are trying to gleen intell from me. Just ask for what you need, ither I can or cannot
Me:  But here, it is silly.
Mohamed:  can we be ?
Mohamed:  one family?
Me:  I am not going to become enthralled. I am not like that and that should be well known by now.
Mohamed:  meaning?
Me:  Sure, you can join the group.
Me:  There are all kinds of normalized locations for you to interact with me.
Mohamed:  do u believe in love?
Me:  And maybe if I could get some decent coverage, I would be able to afford to get out infront of the camera more
Me:  I do not believe in love. I feel love.
Mohamed:  what do u think of me?
Me:  Love grows from care and concern.
Mohamed:  yes
Mohamed:  why can ot we talk face to face?
Mohamed:  instead of typing
Me:  I do not give unplanned interviews.
Me:  I am not Barrett Brown. <.<
Mohamed:  as u like
Me:  Are you all of a sudden going to become someone I know?
Me:  I do not even think you are are the rosters ...
Me:  At the very least be on some roster at the JCO
Me:  right?
Mohamed:  I am simple
Me:  I mean if you were talking to Till Linderman, you would have at least been on a fan site or got a tee-shirt or made some sort of somthing for him, right?
Me:  Lindemann*
Me:  or whatever <.<
Mohamed:  ?
Me:  The lead singer of Rammstein.
Me:  Or Julian Assange.
Mohamed:  do u look for a husband?
Me:  If you were talking to Julian Assange you would at least know his latest article, right?
Me:  or have written an article yourself about him, right?
Me:  I take it you have nothing for me....
Mohamed:  ok
Mohamed:  good luck
Me:  You know, what you do is wrong,,,, you know that correct?
Mohamed:  ?
Me:  Your only goal was to get a video or audio recording of me.
Mohamed:  no
Mohamed:  I really want to marry you
Me:  Well my address is listed.
Me:  See you next week?
Mohamed:  meaning?
Mohamed:  I live in Dubai
Me:  I live in a town of 700 people anyone will be able to bring you to y doorstep
Mohamed:  haha
Me:  You cannot marry me in Dubai
Me:  I am not there. I am here. In Twin City
Mohamed:  why not?
Me:  as listd on my website DNS
Mohamed:  OK
Me:  Don't you feel bad when you lie?
Mohamed:  I do not lie
Me:  Did you think you would grow up a be a romance scammer ? lol
Me:  Hell of a job there, young man
Me:  Don't you think it is just a tad abusive?
Mohamed:  Allah bless us
Me:  God have mercy.
Mohamed:  u really do not know me
Mohamed:  I ask Allah to forgive u
Mohamed:  Al salam Alekium
Me:  you say that, yet asked for marriage?
Me:  What you do is wrong, young man.
Me:  you know this.
Me:  This is an invasion of privacy.
Me:  Would you hav gon all the way to have had online sex with me ?
Me:  How far will you go?
Me:  you must see how such is over reaching.
Mohamed:  I said marriage
Me:  I am fully contactable. I am not being subversive.
Me:  Yet, you were commissioned to engage me where I seek a mate.
Me:  That is abusive.
Me:  Do you know why, I went back online and put up my profile on a marriage site, young man?
Me:  Do you hve that back story?
Mohamed:  why?
Me:  After I had gotten so harassed at yahoo that I closed my profiles as a power user...... I was quiet for a long time. . .
Me:  Then that army shrink nutted up and killd lots of folks at the base. . .
Mohamed:  ?
Me:  One reason he said , was that he could not find a mate. . .
Me:  I thought, you know, if only I had been availed , I could hav spoken to him and changed his outlook.
Me:  I felt vry bad that I had been harassed into a darken cornr.
Me:  When I got here. I made an effort to network with Muslims that were law enforcemnt and mil.
Mohamed:  Allah bless u
Me:  I wanted them to know they are not alone. That many muslims are LEOs and mil.
Me:  That it is OK to walk with your head held high and to be noble.
Me:  Being a first responder is a tough job. and should be a proud job
Me:  all of the mil are having trouble, not just muslim.
Me:  the sucid rate is through the roof.
Me:  and it is because corrupt corporations are dregging society for every dime.
Mohamed:  yes
Me:  not because the nobility of the soldier has changed.
Me:  I am tempted to save and post this, but I do not think I will, at least for a few months or a year.
Me:  but like your little 7 rules say.....
Me:  Don't forget me.
Mohamed:  ok
Mohamed:  sure
Mohamed:  nice talk to u
Mohamed:  good night
Mohamed:  cu
Me:  peace be with you and yours. ~`~

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