Sunday, February 16, 2014


khaled:  hi
Me:  hello
khaled:  how are u
Me:  Eh. Good I suppose
khaled:  why
khaled:  lol
khaled:  i back to u
khaled:  hhh
khaled:  u remember me ?
Me:  Well enough sort of.
khaled:  lol
Me:  You must be in the favorits list for a reason
khaled:  u add me befor yes
khaled:  after we had big conversation
khaled:  between us
khaled:  its was hard
khaled:  sorry if hurt u
khaled:  befor
khaled:  iam sorry sister
khaled:  for all
Me:  Accepted. God have mercy on all.
khaled:  el hamdo lillah
khaled:  thank u very much my sister
Me:  Funny you mention that, I was just respondng to a letter of an officer fro when I was a young person who appologized much for something I do not recall
khaled:  its ok
khaled:  sister
khaled:  iam younger than u
khaled:  should me ask
khaled:  sorry
khaled:  life nothing my sister
khaled:  we leave this life soon
khaled:  only our deed rest
Me:  Nothing stands out abut you.
Me:  Tha is sad that I encounter so much unwholesomeness that I do not recall people that return to appologize
Me:  That officr felt great remorse for whatever he did to me.
Me:  I would like to know.
Me:  And you, whatever you have done.
Me:  I do not recall the act or you, other than you are in my notes.
khaled:  i was not polit
khaled:  with u
khaled:  text u
khaled:  hard
khaled:  whn i tried know u
khaled:  u were strect
khaled:  after i came crazy
khaled:  lol
khaled:  u can chek emails
Me:  lol
khaled:  old emails
khaled:  u read
khaled:  lol
Me:  There are a lot of Khaleds
khaled:  hhhh
khaled:  iam ahmed
khaled:  rom new zealand
khaled:  the algerian
Me:  The only one I recall was an odd one that was from qutar.
khaled:  who lives in new zealand
Me:  ahhh ahmed
khaled:  u remember me
khaled:  hhhhhh
khaled:  yes
khaled:  iam shy now
khaled:  sorry sister
khaled:  so so sorry
Me:  you are fogiven , I was noticing that there is a trend with then name ahmed
khaled:  lol
khaled:  thank u sister
khaled:  i was angry
khaled:  iam alone
khaled:  divorced since 2 months
Me:  Oh so you were that odd one from qutar
khaled:  she cheated on me
khaled:  with boyfriend
khaled:  no
khaled:  iam the Algerian
khaled:  who lives in new zealand
khaled:  never been in qatar
khaled:  only one time
khaled:  transit
khaled:  few years ago
Me:  Very well, still you correctd your ways , God willing
Me:  Therefore , you have little to worry of other than God's mercy.
Me:  :)
Me:  my ears are hurting very much. I must rest now.
Me:  Good night
khaled:  thanks sis
khaled:  have a good night
khaled:  salam

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