Saturday, April 30, 2016

TopKat 2

 [15:53] <Nack> you need to call your sister and apologize.
[15:54] <Topkat> why don't you just piss off?
[15:57] <Nack> Because you have a moral debt.
[15:57] <Topkat> no i don't
[15:58] <Topkat> the faggot you tracked down isn't me, if it was then why wouldn't i be arrested already?
[15:58] <Topkat> why do you have such a hardon for me anyways?
[15:58] <Topkat> like seriously, did you hit your head as a kid? what?
[15:59] <Nack> You were raided over a year ago. And demoted to a desk job because of your "troubles"
[15:59] <Topkat> i've never been raided
[15:59] <Topkat> you know why i have never been raided?
[15:59] <Topkat> because 1: that wasn't me
[16:00] <Topkat> and 2: i don't do anything illegal. i even side with the cops
[16:00] <Topkat> a lot of cops have hard jobs, so unless you're done being a useless fuck here to annoy me, i think it's best you piss off and find some other thing to do
[16:00] <Topkat> let's focus on you for a moment
[16:01] <Topkat> why haven't you gotten yourself a girlfriend?
[16:01] <Nack> You will comply.
[16:01] <Nack> You will play nice.
[16:01] <Topkat> so let me guess, you never even had sex.
[16:02] <Topkat> oh maybe you like to commit murder.
[16:02] <Nack> You will speak nicely about Julia & to Julia
[16:03] <Topkat> well, hate to burst your bubble, but i don't know any julia
[16:03] <Topkat> so, why haven't you gotten yourself a nice gf yet?
[16:05] <Nack> You are attached to your ID TopKat. That is unfortunate for you. However, though this is not as important as meatspace.
[16:05] <Topkat> o.O
[16:05] <Topkat> meatspace?

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