Monday, April 18, 2016

You and Magolb U G DB aren't connected on Facebook
Hi Julia, this is Mazen, we are on I would like to talk with you if you have a free time.
You accepted their request.
I'll be at my desk most the day today.
Oh good you are here.
It is always nice to have great timing
My car
I posted a really must watch video of the floods.
It should be public, go check it out
Oh yea, I recall you. I liked your cowboy hat
No, thanks. I can see it real from my window
Aww, lol. Well the reporter was pretty noble.
this guy wasso used to staying compliant and norms that he was gonna stay in his car like a good robot.
this reporter was yelling get out of your car, then dove in to hepl the guy.
Lol, thanks I will
So what's with the strange name on your facebook profile?
I deleted it but I don't know how to do that
I change my name, remove my posts
But I don't know how can I remove my account on Facebook frown emoticon
It is like wikipedia, it never really goes away
Ok, I am not good for that. I prefer the real life than staying with my phone
Hate to break the news to you.
you are in the 21st centry now.
and online is part of life.
Lol, it is not but it is just a tool
I use it when I need it not live with it or only for it
Well, not having any foot print makes ya look strange
Were you once one of those people that thought online activities did not reflect on you?
And now you are embarrassed of your behaviors??
Mmmm, I can't answer because I can't understand. This is not my language. Ok. You win, lol
I was trying to ask politely... Did you erase your stuff because you used to be a troll?
Really, you depate well
It was my temporary Facebook, I don't use Facebook a lot
Mine is on you can discover it easy. wink emoticon
Read my profile well you can know mine
yea, I guess I should pop over and do that.
I am trying to catch up on my work. I STILL have not editted my interview with Ross Ashcroft.
Hmmmm, oh my god.
frown emoticon I am trying to catch you but I can't.
Oh look I have a whole bunch of messages on there! grin emoticon
I know, you are a busy woman. good luck
Alhamdu Allah, I am not
Guess, I'll have to take a break from educating Cenk about forensic accounting.
Well, I am glad you are not a busy woman. .>,
Julia, please, take a long breath
I would like to learn how can I be busy from you?
I will care on the same time about myself and my family too
Oh I recall what I liked about you.
you like hiking and geology.
I spend a lot of time in remote areas.
Oh and you got a picture with dogue!
Though, in a way I am not near as praticing as you.
Do you have a recent picture for you?
But in some ways I am more.
Sure go look at my photos here
I need only one
This is messanger , I do not how to go your profile
Good time to learn
I will keep learning whole my life until I die
Lol, I don't know my password. I forgot
Man, I love those jTRIGs over on muslima. They really warm the cockles of my heart. lol
Maybe, I'll get back over there and clean it back up again.
It really is a great place to pratice analysis.
Woman, what is jTRIGs mean?
I use in a general meaning
but his is an article that outlines the general idea
Frankly, I do not see romance scamming , and that is what ultamitly it is, should be classified as SAs
I am sorry
I am looking for a wife or friend
Stop texting me, please
I am not complicated
I am simple
you are also superficial. wink emoticon
Good luck
as your profile exhibits.
You need someone else, I am sorry
May the luck of goodness beseech you also. Remember, romance scamming is still romance scamming, even when doing it under the direction of a contracting job.
You are welcome to return anytime you need help with your moral compass.
Nice to meet you, Mr. DB
I am sorry
My name is Mazen
Not DB
I deleted my Facebook because I lost my friend when other one start talking bad
It's my fault
No problem. I'll help you with your facebook profile removal.
you should receive a notice soon.
Good bye.
Chat Conversation End
Seen 11:55am 

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