Monday, January 20, 2014


Me:  Nice to meet you also
ahmed:  could we are friends?
Me:  Of course.
Me:  I wish I had 1000000
ahmed:  where do you live in USA?
Me:  One more is toward that goal
ahmed:  you like to meet
Me:  Wow, I just read your profile. You are SHORT!
ahmed:  what?
Me:  Are you a jockey?
ahmed:  why?
Me:  You are SHORT!
ahmed:  what is problem?
Me:  Nothing.
Me:  Midgets are cool
Me:  David Lee Roth uses them all the time in videos
ahmed:  and ALLAH create me
Me:  Just like really tall people they draw attention
Me:  Very useful
ahmed:  ok
ahmed:  you want muslims or tall
Me:  but Midgets would work better for videos and thus why David uses them I suppose
ahmed:  ok
Me:  So where do you hang out on the web
ahmed:  thank you
ahmed:  bye
Me:  Ok.
Me:  Bye
Me:  Nice to meet you.
ahmed:  i am in USA
Me:  I look forward to hearing your oppinions on facebook and twitter
Me:  It says you are in Eypt
ahmed:  yes
ahmed:  but i will come there
Me:  So are you in Egypt or USA
ahmed:  in Egypt
ahmed:  and i will come there
Me:  Well, when you visit be sure and post pics I will comment on them and repost them for you
Me:  What's your twitter ID?
ahmed:  what do you mean?
Me:  Or are you a tunblr sort
Me:  I hate the Tumblr sorts
ahmed:  i do not have
Me:  What is wrong with you why do you not have anything?
ahmed:  ok
ahmed:  byeeeeeeeeeee
Me:  Are you a stalker. lol
Me:  Or a criminal
Me:  lol
Me:  I bet you are part of Anonymous
ahmed:  i am officer
Me:  !!!!!
Me:  A police officer?
Me:  Cool
ahmed:  air force
Me:  I have ALOT of police officers on my facebook feed.
Me:  Ahhh Air force
Me:  Cool
ahmed:  technician
Me:  Cool
Me:  I have some friends in NSA
Me:  lol
ahmed:  ok
Me:  not a friod slip
Me:  I look forward to seeing your facebook
ahmed:  why you come to Muslima what is your goal?
Me:  You will get along great with my friends
ahmed:  what?
Me:  I fullfil my obligations for being availed fo marriage at Muslima
ahmed:  i do not understand you
Me:  You will get along great with my friends
Me:  Where do you and your friends hang out?
ahmed:  i do not know
Me:  Are you like an Omgle?
Me:  I hate Omgle
Me:  What???!
Me:  How can you not know where you and your friends hang out?
Me:  Every one has friends.
ahmed:  i think you hate muslims
Me:  At least family
Me:  I think maybe you are an ignorant freak
ahmed:  good bye
Me:  a weird midget that has no friends
Me:  that has toreets
Me:  lol
Me:  You must have had a bad time in the womb.
Me:  lol
Me:  Now come on now quit being so angry
Me:  We all know most likely you are not a weird midget that says wrong things at wrong times
Me:  OMG this has to be one of the best IMs EVER.
Me:  This should be published! lol
Me:  You want a link after I publish it?
Me:  I bet we'll make 9gag! ;)
Me:  lol
Me:  Where did you go?
Me:  did you run away?
Me:  That is not the way to make friends. Shame on you!

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