Thursday, January 23, 2014


Abas:  halo
Me:  hello
Abas:  haloo am so interested in u
Abas:  can u send mi more phots
Me:  :)
Abas:  wats that
Me:  Why do you think we are a good match?
Abas:  happiness
Me:  Why are you interested in me?
Abas:  yr face shows happines even our home will be wth peace
Abas:  are u amuslimu
Me:  yes, I am thanks to God.
Me:  Are you Muslim?
Abas:  yes am amuslimu
Abas:  do u use skype
Me:  Wow.
Me:  How VERY rude!
Abas:  i n eed to si more phots of u
Abas:  do u use skype
Me:  Not with random people that wander aaaround with no profiles and act like they do not know what a emotiocon is
Me:  Did you grow up dreaming of being a romance scammer?
Abas:  no
Abas:  wat about face book
Me:  yea, you can find all that info on my site
Me:  you are welcome to send me a link
Abas:  u got alot of english which is not comon in africa
Me:  Bullshit
Me:  South Africa speaks English
Abas:  not on
Abas:  wats bullshit
Abas:  dont start
Me:  How do you feel about Edward Snowden?
Abas:  who is that
Me:  How do you feel about wikileaks?
Abas:  like u
Abas:  feel like its done
Me:  How do you feel about economic drafts?
Abas:  gud for u and mi
Me:  OK, we know you know of wikileaks...
Me:  How do you feel about Pvt Mnnning?
Me:  Manning*
Abas:  down to snake
Me:  And the war crimes that Cheney comitted?
Me:  Plus the billions looted by chaney during the Iraq war?
Me:  Do you think it is OK for Cheney to fraud the US ?
Me:  Was it OK for Cheney to commit war crimes to cover up his frauds?
Me:  You see, my dear young boy, your commander, may be using the "keep em busy" tatic developed by 419eaters, but it provides an moment of clarity.
Me:  I can discuss anything. . .
Me:  And you read it.
Me:  Therefore, I take the moment given to shine a light on the truth.
Abas:  u take all the rubish
Me:  Did you know that even Prince of Blackwater has spoken out against the NSA, saying they have over stepped decency? .
Abas:  wat caind of person are u
Abas:  are u mad
Me:  No, I do not get angry often
Me:  I am disappointed.
Abas:  with wat
Abas:  fight
Abas:  go wash yr face
Abas:  now
Me:  Much of my family works in intell and it is shameful what the intell has been commandeered for.
Me:  Organized crime is still organized crime, even when applied to military operations.
Me:  The world and US citizens deserve better
Abas:  call mi
Me:  Call you what? A dreamy eyed exploited kid?
Abas:  take my phone 0027724095164
Me:  Did you really have any other choices than to join the Mil?
Abas:  call mi now
Me:  It is not like you could have gotten a good job in the US without Mil service...
Me:  And even then it can be a crap shoot.
Me:  But try to land a corporate job without mil service....
Me:  You are going to be saying , "you want fries with that?"
Me:  Well, there is the option of going deep into debt and taking a chance a degree might help. Then you may get upper management at walmart.
Me:  Is this the US you want?
Me:  You know, you will leave me this afternoon, but my words will always be with you.
Me:  Now let me get back to my writing.
Me:  Please do salute your commander for me. And do something nice for him. He had a family to raise. Choices are tough.
Abas:  stop stop plz

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