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Suliman Ali Zway

“They’re Libyans. They’re extremists. They are outlaws,” he said, noting that some had served time in Colonel Qaddafi’s jails — a radicalizing experience for many Libyan Islamists.
Attack by Fringe Group Highlights the Problem of Libya’s Militias By DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK, SULIMAN ALI ZWAY and KAREEM FAHIMSEPT. 15, 2012

That is interesting to note because, if you recall during the uprising, many prisoners were, in fact, released from Qaddafi's jails. The reason being Qaddafi used his jail to crackdown on political activists. For example;
Abu Salim prison (Arabic: سجن أبو سليم) is a maximum security prison in TripoliLibya. The prison was notorious during the rule of Muammar Gaddafi for alleged mistreatment and human rights abuses, including a massacre in 1996 in which Human Rights Watch estimated that 1,270 prisoners were killed.[1][2][3]
Yes, yes, yes, I know not supposed to use Wikipedia as a reference. However, this is a quick blog and the facts are general knowledge, and thus, I know they are correct.

The quote is from an article co-written by "/suliman.zway"

He made the 2.0 files because of happenstance. I was on Muslima and noted another profile, I went to facebook to find someone to confer with about what I had observed and my opinion on it. I noticed in the ticker "/suliman.zway" had liked a cartoon. It was kind of offensive, overall by most standards.
I noted he was from Libya and thought that's strange for a Libyan to post. It was more like a post from a lesser male of America.
But more pointedly, allow me to explain. This cartoon "/suliman.zway" posted, suggested that his profile was fake because it was highly unlikely that his mom was on his profile or he would not be posting such a promiscuous cartoon. Besides the fact is was offensive to women overall, so I contacted him and said such. He replied, "What I just liked ?" He went on to explain, "I am still not sure what kind of stuff you are talking about. My Facebook profile is not meant to be serious or for work purposes. It's for friends with whom I share jokes and thoughts without having to worry about it." I had by that time looked at his profile and noted other offensive stuff o his timeline.
Still, why add him to the 2.0 files? Again happenstance. I was contemplating a post that was to exhibit how agencies make profiles to entrap the lowest of hanging fruit, often gaslighting these low hanging fruits into actions. Which was how I ended up at Muslima to begin with though I was not familiar with the gaslighting techniques at that time. I know now the person that I felt bad for was more than likely being gaslighted in a taunting way for entertainment, not necessarily entrapment and it backfired on the contractors.

I googled his profile ID name to see what would come back with it. I was surprised to see serious work behind it, such as the article above, documentaries, interviews and other references. And here is some more happenstance, considering I noted him while wanting to confer about exhibiting agents that gaslight he came up with quite a few western mainstream corporate media gigs with Benghazi peppered among it. That caught my attention.
I do not really recall enough about Benghazi to have the details to know which way this falls. However, here are a few of the articles and things I noted:

Producer (1 credit)
 2015 Frontline (TV Series documentary) (associate producer - 3 episodes)
- My Brother's Bomber Part 3 (2015) ... (associate producer)
- My Brother's Bomber Part 2 (2015) ... (associate producer)
- My Brother's Bomber Part 1 (2015) ... (associate producer)
Hide Hide Thanks (1 credit)
 2013 Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (TV Series documentary) (special thanks - 2 episodes)
- Prime Cuts: Season 1 (2013) ... (special thanks)
- Libya (2013) ... (special thanks)
Hide Hide Self (1 credit)

 2012 Witness (TV Mini-Series documentary)
- Libya (2012) ... Himself
I did not know who he was from my friends list other than he was from Libya, or claimed to me and in my friends list. I had worked so hard with the Libyan Uprising. And pretty much knew the feel of what felt right with profiles and people from there.
It is worth noting here that my connection with Libya goes all the way back to the yahoo 360 time. There I had met someone that worked in construction, that detailed how money was moved, cash... and how little he was paid for being a mule of cash. That guy said to me, "I feel a need to protect you." Funny thing about that guy is all during the uprising he had no pictures of it.

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