Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Abdu & Mert

Both IDs came in at the same time.
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abdu:  hi
abdu:  asalamo alikom
Me:  hello
Me:  wa salaam
abdu:  h r u
Me:  good thanks for asking
Me:  How are you?
Me:  You do not have much of a profile. Why is that?
abdu:  you attractive pic
Me:  Thanks.
Me:  You can follow me on twitter or any number of my sites.
Me:  Though most do not highlight my image.
abdu:  on yaho or skyp
Me:  I do not allow yahoo into my mail servers
abdu:  ok skype
Me:  I do not use skype with random people that are not estblished in my networks
abdu:  my account
Me:  You are not an established person within my networks
abdu:  ibnyshaheed
Me:  Are all contractors slow...
Me:  Or do you guys just follow a script?
abdu:  excuse me i hv some food coocking on oven
abdu:  15 minuts back
Me:  sure.
abdu:  yes
abdu:  20 min maximom
abdu:  i want to tlk to u
Me:  Ofc
abdu:  ?????
Me:  I'll be glad to talk >with< you.
abdu:  me too
Me:  But do not expect me to sit with baited breath expecting a return
abdu:  i will come back
Me:  I have over a hunder emails to ift through and dinner to cook also
abdu:  ok
Me:  plus a presentation tomorrow for attornies
abdu:  i am looking to see u too
abdu:  bye now 20 min
abdu:  hi
abdu:  2 min early
Me:  whatever
Me:  Not impressed with the multi IDs
abdu:  r u coming on skype or yahoo
Me:  neither
abdu:  why
Me:  yahoo are for people that support Wacko Jacko
Me:  I do not support Wacko Jacko , nor the NSA backdoors that SONY supplies
abdu:  what wac jaco
abdu:  ????????
Me:  explain why I should take time away from people that are in my network for you.
abdu:  bcz we will talk in v important subject
Me:  backdoors that SONY suppies at trade for access to NSA data drags.
abdu:  what r u taking about
Me:  If being part of my network is too much for you, then why should I bother
abdu:  i am sory
abdu:  bye
Me:  I do not need good time charlies
Me:  especially on the net.
Me:  I have more than enough good time charlies that I can pick from locally if I wanted.
Me:  Moreover, I have more than enough good time charlies that have shown detication to me that I could pick from
abdu:  have good time with charlies
abdu:  bye
Me:  so what the hell? Why should I take the time with someone that has no interest in being in my network , nor I in thier
Me:  The only thing you will do will be take my intelectual property and present it as your own with no regard to my well being
Me:  You only use FAKE Ids to be unaccountable.

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 mert:  hi
mert:  how are u
Me:  Thanks good
Me:  hope you are well too
mert:  thx
Me:  What brings you to my desk today?
mert:  u busy?
Me:  Always.
Me:  Why?
mert:  skype name pls
Me:  hahahahahahhahahahah
Me:  hohohohohohohoh
Me:  hahahhahahhah
mert:  :))))))))))))
Me:  oh yes, rando strange
Me:  surre
Me:  gonna get right on that video with you.. surreee
mert:  yessss
mert:  ı m horny now
mert:  ı m naked
mert:  my cock very hard
Me:  and I report people that act n ass
mert:  :))))

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