Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I am a young man from Iraq, I want to marry a under for teachers and head, I'm shooter, I hope that I find to marry my partner
for teachers and head erudite and vahmh under or want to intervene in the lives" program were of Islam in Europe
abdulrahman:  hi
Me:  hello
abdulrahman:  how are you ?
Me:  good thanks
abdulrahman:  good
Me:  and u?
abdulrahman:  fine
abdulrahman:  you want marry ?
Me:  Did you think you would grow up to be a romance scammer for an Org?
abdulrahman:  you want marry ?
Me:  Of course I want to marry, but not some agent (from either side) using a SE program
abdulrahman:  how old you ?
Me:  9001 years old. <.<
abdulrahman:  im serious please
Me:  Of course you are .
Me:  We al are
abdulrahman:  i want marry
abdulrahman:  really
abdulrahman:  we meet and we marry
Me:  So we have two choices here. We can talking about Manning. Or we can talk about idiotic strategy such as charlie and emolshion
Me:  so how serious are you?
abdulrahman:  i want marry you
abdulrahman:  first we meet
abdulrahman:  if you want
Me:  you are in Iraq
Me:  That does not seem practical.
abdulrahman:  we meet in turky
abdulrahman:  or dubai
abdulrahman:  any where
Me:  You are not a long time associate or fan, so it also does not seem logical
abdulrahman:  we marry in turky
Me:  I am not in Turkey
abdulrahman:  you come ?
Me:  Oh well , Gee. . I'll just jump on a plane and fly to Turkey for some random 26 year old asking to marry me.
Me:  I'll put up a kickstarter fundraiser right away.
abdulrahman:  my old 27
abdulrahman:  you serious or not ?
abdulrahman:  tell me
Me:  What starting a fundraiser is not srious?
Me:  Are you suggesting that people would also have to know about the kickstarter?
Me:  Don't you know, it is by magic that people get plane tickets and live abroad ?
abdulrahman:  you want or no ?
abdulrahman:  you come to turky
Me:  Sure, So what do you think I should set the kickstarter for.
abdulrahman:  we marry
Me:  Can you send a pic of your mum so I can add it to the fundraiser?
Me:  and sisters and brothers , dad too of course
abdulrahman:  thanks
Me:  Do you like what you are doing?
abdulrahman:  please go way
Me:  Tell me , I want to share all your feelings
Me:  I am serious
abdulrahman:  no
Me:  Are you praising God with your happiness?
Me:  Or are you in praise with tears?
Me:  Tell me
Me:  Or would you like to talk about strategy some more. If that is easier for you.
Me:  Surely, you want to know all about me so we marry
Me:  Ask me anything
Me:  Tell me why I should marry you.
Me:  You are making me cry
abdulrahman:  why ?
Me:  I want to know you.
Me:  Don't you WANT to marry?
abdulrahman:  yes
Me:  Tell me why I should marry you.
Me:  Were you not prepared to marry?
abdulrahman:  yes
abdulrahman:  now i want
Me:  This is good.
Me:  Why should we marry?
abdulrahman:  we live happy
Me:  Where are we to live?
abdulrahman:  i live with you
abdulrahman:  wher you live
abdulrahman:  where
Me:  I live in America
abdulrahman:  i with you
Me:  Why would you want to live here?
Me:  And why would I need to travel there , if you are coming here?
abdulrahman:  i want live with my wife
abdulrahman:  any where
abdulrahman:  amerca or any where
Me:  Well, how do you plan on getting us on the same continent?
abdulrahman:  im not good in english
abdulrahman:  ok
abdulrahman:  my old 27
abdulrahman:  im teacher
abdulrahman:  im live in iraq
abdulrahman:  i want meet in turky
abdulrahman:  i want meet you
abdulrahman:  and marry you
abdulrahman:  i know you women big
abdulrahman:  i love that
abdulrahman:  i want that
abdulrahman:  you agree or not ?
abdulrahman:  tell me please
Me:  Who trained you? Very poor quality training.
Me:  Ye, of course.
Me:  yes
Me:  yes
Me:  yes
Me:  there feel better?
abdulrahman:  nice
Me:  Alright there there
abdulrahman:  when you come ?
Me:  Now come to me and tell me of yourself
abdulrahman:  when you come to turky ?
Me:  Where is your twitter so I can tell you love notes when quiet
Me:  of course, I come to Turkey
abdulrahman:  when ?
abdulrahman:  when ?
abdulrahman:  when ?
Me:  give me about a 3 weeks
Me:  Then I be there
abdulrahman:  ok
Me:  but I want to make happy with you on your twitter
abdulrahman:  you have whatspp ?
abdulrahman:  viber ?
abdulrahman:  skybe ?
Me:  Lets exchange all.
Me:  We can be so happy on them
Me:  You will be very please, and so will I
abdulrahman:  yes
Me:  Tell me where can I send my love to you
abdulrahman:  whatsapp ?
Me:  you gotta start somewhere
Me:  are you ready?
abdulrahman:  yes
Me:  I am leaving now. You are not sharing with me.
Me:  You are not pprepared to marry