Thursday, May 29, 2014


omer:  assalam alikum
Me:  Wa Salaam
omer:  how r u
Me:  Good thanks
omer:  al hamdulillah
omer:  how's going ur life
Me:  That does not matter to you...
omer:  iam sorry
Me:  How is the contractor intell business treating you?
Me:  Did you think you would be a romance scammer when you signed up?
Me:  Do you write home sayin, "hey mom, it was a good day. I trapped a dumb ass into doing stupid shit. It will be easy pickins making my proof of work this month."
Me:  Give me your contact information.
Me:  I want to take this conversation to another level.
omer:  sorri i not understand i asked u any wrong ?
Me:  Give me your contact info , now
omer:  what is this as a muslim u thinking about me wrong
Me:  Then give me your email.
omer:  first u clear hear what i did a mistake with u ?
Me:  it was kismet, there are no mistakes right?
Me:  You came here by the will of God.
Me:  Now give me your facebook or eamil
Me:  email*
omer:  allah know's well
omer:  allah's know what is in heart
Me:  Then ly down your fear, chichi
Me:  Friend me on fcebook
omer:  friendship is haraam in islaam
omer:  iam loking a live partner wh work with me on deen islaam
Me:  How else are you going to get close enough to gather info to qualify me?
omer:  iam new in internet line i not use webside one time i look i pray ahhal to help me inshallah allah help me but my english in not good in urdu or arabic iam good
Me:  You have an email.
Me:  you had to have one to sign up.
Me:  Do you want to take it to the next level?
omer:  sister i know u feeling bad about me
Me:  Correct that.
omer:  as a muslim u first my muslim sister
Me:  Give me your contact information
omer:  u angry ?
Me:  I read your profile. I want to know you.
omer:  yes my profile is not good ?
Me:  It is incredible
omer:  tell me please this is wrong thing what iam doing ?
Me:  I have a lot to do today.
omer:  its mean iam a wrong person ?
Me:  I'll explain in depth to your email.
Me:  Either that or give up.
Me:  I said I liked your profile and wanted to know you.
Me:  What more do you need?

Note: after reviewing profiles that viewed me just before and just after contact this is the conversation that took place. 

omer:  assalam alikum
omer:  sister i was disconnected
Me:  OK
omer:  please forgive if am mistake
omer:  as a muslime iam saying u
omer:  i respect women
omer:  because every part of a women is called women
Me:  What mistake was that?
omer:  i dont know why u angry on me
Me:  talk to me explain what is going on.
omer:  means ?
omer:  my english is not good for me u explain in detail
omer:  please
omer:  u busy ?
Me:  yes, I am
Me:  That is one reason I asked for your contact info
omer:  i hurt u ?
Me:  I am going to wrap this up now

Me:  May the Angels brush our paths. Cheers.

Profiles that viewed me after contact:

Profiles that viewed me before contact:

The conversation after closing: Me: May the Angels brush our paths. Cheers. omer: say omer: means ? omer: just one answer me omer: i hurt u ? omer: say please omer: if u not forgive me my allah not forgive me omer: iam going assalam alikum
The conversation after closing: Me: May the Angels brush our paths. Cheers. omer: say omer: means ? omer: just one answer me omer: i hurt u ? omer: say please omer: if u not forgive me my allah not forgive me omer: iam going assalam alikum

Friday, May 16, 2014


All information is for educational purposes:

Ralph (49)
Texarkana, Arkansas, United States
Seeking: Female 40 - 80
Subject: HI
Hi Angel,
Am wondering what a creature you are that your profile is such an electrifying one that
can even catch the attention of a blind man.Can i just know the entrance that leads to
your precious heart and i am telling you the whole truth that no other Man can tell you.I
will make you not to ever regret why it took you this long for someone like me to come
around. I want to believe that asking your hands in friendship will make you to be the
happiest Woman in this part of generation and who knows even in some generations to
come.Just give me a chance to move a mountain and i will prove to you that i am simply
Man of my own words. i am ready to do anything you want in your life because there is
nothing in this world that i cannt do for you , i will make sure i do everything for you as i
do promise you have yahoo email address?You can text me your yahoo email
address.text me (413) 853-9165 or add me as ( yahoo
May 16, 2014 1:08 AM
Hi Ralph, my name is not Angel. You must have sent your letter to the wrong person on
your list.
May 16, 2014 8:34 AM
I am very Glad to Received your reply message back, i will like us to get to know each
other very well more deeper but that can only happen if we can get into yahoo messenger
or through email address , but i dont know if you do have yahoo messenger application
on your laptop,computer or phone, if you dont have yahoo messenger application you can
easily download it from the yahoo messenger dot com from the site but if you have it on
your computer or phone you can easily log in into your yahoo messenger set up and add
me as( so we can share pictures or even see each live on
web cam to develop trust and reality relationship. once again send me your yahoo email
address or gmail address or hotmail address what ever you have as email address so i
can send you more information about me. Thanks God Bless You , Dont forget to reply
me with your email address.
May 16, 2014 11:13 AM
I am still not Angel. Moreover, I do not allow Yahoo mail into my networks.
Does your mother know you are romance scamming as a profession or do you just tell er
you work as an intell contractor?
Did you think you would end up being a corrupt whore when you signed on as a Intell
You would have more onor and nobility if you would just be an ethical whore instead of a
romance scammer.
May 16, 2014 12:39 PM

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